Chapter 8: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

Author :- Maria van Daarten Feb. 27, 2021, 4:03 p.m.
Chapter 8: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

This chapter has been reprinted with permission.

After receiving a key for a room on the third floor, we enter a tiny elevator.

“Oh my God, the two of us barely fit in here!” I say and snuggle provocatively up against Adonis’ back. Looking into the mirror affixed to one of the elevator’s walls, I see his amused smile. My behavior encourages him to push my dress up and touch my crotch. The elevator stops on our floor and we walk down the dimly lit corridor to room 31. Painted in pink tones, the room has many mirrors, a round bed, and plush wall-to-wall carpeting. I am familiar with such rooms from the clubs I worked at in Germany. When it comes to work, I prefer partly kitschy, overly erotic décor and dim lighting over conventional hotel rooms.

“Give me a moment to freshen up in the bathroom, baby,” I say to Adonis as he places his briefcase on the bed. Inside the small bathroom, I remove my dress and white underwear and slip into my red lingerie set that pushes my breasts up and leaves my nipples and the upper half of my breasts exposed. As I look into the mirror, I am turned on by my reflection. When I see myself dressed in sexy lingerie and become aroused, it is definitely time to pleasure myself. Since I find myself incredibly sexy just now, I walk back into the room full of confidence. Adonis is lying on the big round bed, wearing only a skimpy pair of white underpants. His briefcase is open. Even from my point of view, I see it is filled with sex toys. All types of dildos lie neatly arranged next to each other.

“Wow!” he says as I slowly sashay toward him while running my hands over my breasts.

“Damn, you look sexy, baby! — Wait, let me freshen up too.”

He disappears into the bathroom. Curious, I lean over the open briefcase to look closer at the selection. Everything is there that would pleasure a woman. In addition to the usual dildos and vibrators, I see plugs, anal beads, love eggs, pussy pumps, and nipple clamps.

Returning from the bathroom, Adonis says, “Pick something I can use to pleasure you with before I fuck you.” My fingers glide over his treasures and I grab a big purple silicone vibrator and switch it on. It is a rabbit vibrator with a penis-like top where sex gel can be inserted and it can be electrically controlled to rotate or reciprocate. Further down, it also has a little silicone finger sticking out at an angle, a so-called clitoral stimulator, the one feature that scares me! I switch it off again and put it back. I am sure I can do without that one! The club, Rosis Angel, where I worked, had one of these monster dildos. Fortunately, I always talked customers out of using it on me. Next, I reach for a flexible, approximately 15-centimeter long dildo with a head that resembles the tip of a penis plus a shaft with strongly pronounced ridges. I like this one much better. Moreover, I do not believe Adonis will hurt me with it.

“Hey!” I say, “I like this one! This is the one you can pleasure me with.”

I take a rubber out of my small bag and roll it over the dildo. Standing in front of the bed, I take the tip in my mouth and use my tongue on it. I use one hand to move my panties aside and stroke my pussy. Adonis watches, obviously aroused. His underpants cover the already large bulge. I crawl up next to him on the bed and lightly slide the already lubed dildo over his hairy chest down to his undies. His cock is rock hard and spasms when I touch it. I assume the doggy position so Adonis has a great view of my ass and pussy. I spread my legs, hand him the dildo, and say:

“Okay, darling, put it inside me and fuck me with it!”

Slowly and gently, Adonis pushes it into my pussy. It is much too slow for me because in my current state it turns me on.

“Damn, Anika, your pussy looks great. I can’t wait to fuck it. First, I want to see how turned on you get. I want you really horny!”

Sticking the dildo deep in my pussy, Adonis slowly rotates it back and forth. I allow myself to be stimulated by it. If I wanted to, I could reach climax at any given moment. The last time I pleasured myself was more than two weeks ago when I was still in Germany. And the last time I had sex with a man who was not a client was more than half a year ago. Maybe I should have an orgasm before he fucks me. Then he will be satisfied and it will be over sooner.

“Give me the dildo!” I say after a while in order to take over control.

“I really want to suck your cock now. — Lie down, darling.”

Adonis lies on his back and I study his upright member closely. It looks clean and healthy. Considering Adonis is married, I think he would make sure he does not contract an STD. Therefore, I am fine with taking it into my mouth condom-free. Before I start the blowjob, I push the dildo deep into my pussy and leave it there. It feels incredibly good. Taking Adonis’ dick in my mouth, I work it vigorously. Feeling his growing arousal, I release his cock and say emphatically:

“Don’t come in my mouth!”

“I won’t, I promise! I still want to fuck you!”

With Adonis no longer in my mouth, I pull the dildo out of my pussy, lie down on a pile of pillows, and urge him:

“Now, baby, why don’t you watch as I pleasure myself! You said you wanted me really horny!”

Adonis kneels next to me, takes his wet cock in his hand, and slowly strokes it. I rub the dildo’s pronounced ridges over my clitoris and I am immediately fully aroused. Unbelievable! I am no longer paying Adonis any attention. I am solely focused on me and my increasing desire. If I were at home alone, I would take my time and delay my orgasm for a while. However, this is not the time. This is work. I have to come quickly. I have to come now. Blood rushes to my head and I implode. Sweet contractions drive me wild. I move in sync to the rhythmical waves of my orgasm and ride it out as expected without trying to reach an even higher climax. Naturally, Adonis watches the entire time and asks:

“That was for real, right?”

“Oh yes!” I moan happily. “It was absolutely real! Now it’s your turn! Come and fuck me, baby”

I roll a condom onto his erection and pull his hips down to my wide spread legs. His hard cock enters me and I let him fuck me hard. It does not take all that long before I feel he is about to come. His movements slow and his thrusts become deeper, more urgent when he groans aloud and slumps together. It is over. He came! Once both of us are finished showering in the bathroom and dressed, he pays me and we exchange phone numbers.

“You might want to save my number. That way you’ll know it’s me. — I’ll definitely call you, Anika! You really are one hot broad. I knew it the first time I spotted you walking along the sidewalk.” He winks at me.

Adonis gives me a ride to Piraeus where I ask him to let me out at the Dimotiko Theatro. We kiss each other on both cheeks and then he brazenly grabs my crotch and grins. — Now it is late afternoon and I am extremely satisfied. I cross the street in front of the theater and stroll across the town square, looking for a place to eat moussaka and drink a glass of wine.

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