Chapter 6: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

Author :- Maria van Daarten March 1, 2021, 7:03 p.m.
Chapter 6: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

This chapter has been reprinted with permission.

When I wake up the next morning and look at the clock, it is 7:30 a.m. Although I know I will not be able to fall back asleep, I snuggle in and think about what needs to be taken care of today. I need to find a nail salon and a tanning studio. Friday is only a couple of days away and I want to look my best by the time my ad appears in Athens World. Among other things, an overall tan and nicely painted toe and fingernails are a part of it. Also, I must talk to the Lilo Hotel manager about the possibility of a better room rate for a long-term rental, otherwise, I must search for cheaper accommodations elsewhere. Once out of the way, I will take my tourist map and go to Syntagma Square in the inner city. Violet revealed there are many hotels frequented by businessmen. I need to look at these to familiarize myself with my new work area. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and make my way to the bathroom. Once dressed and ready to go, I look one final time in the mirror. The reflection I see pleases me. Downstairs in the hotel lobby, I tell Spiros the receptionist I need to see the manager. He informs me he is not on the premises, but will return in a half hour. I use the time to go eat breakfast. While enjoying my second cup of coffee, I save some of my most important phone numbers and addresses from my private cell phone to my new, work cell phone. Back at the Lilo Hotel, George the manager is waiting for me.


Kalimera, Kiria Ilona,” he says and invites me into his office adjacent to the reception desk. Naturally, he addresses me by the name in my passport. I follow him and take a seat in front of his desk.

“I hope there isn’t a problem with your room?” he asks and offers me a cup of coffee.

“No, I like my room just fine. I’m here because I plan to stay in Athens a bit longer. As I told you, I expected to stay for only a week or two, but my plans have changed. I’m staying for at least two months. I like your hotel, but I cannot afford to stay here at the current room rate. I want to ask if it’s possible to receive a discount.”

George sits in his chair with his legs crossed and listens. He scratches his chin.

“Two months?” he parrots.

“Yes. At least.”

“Right now we’re talking about up to mid-August, right?”

“Yes, until mid-August.”

“Well, here’s what we could do. — On the fourth floor, we have a few rooms with balconies and sea views. One of them is even a little bigger than your current room. Since we have no elevator and most of our guests do not want to climb that many stairs, we rarely rent out the rooms. So, Ilona, if you don’t mind moving up to the fourth floor, you can have the room at a rate of 23 euros per day.”

Although my heart joyfully skips a beat, my outward composure remains unchanged.

“Can I see the room, George?”

“Of course. Let’s go, Ilona. I’ll show it you!”

At the reception, George asks Spiros for the room key and we start climbing the stairs to the fourth floor. Yes, the room is definitely bigger than the one downstairs. I walk over to the balcony door, pull the curtains aside, and surprised, notice the better view from up here. Although I am thrilled, I will not let George know. I inspect the bathroom and say:

“Yes, walking up all those stairs — I can see how you might have a problem renting out the rooms.” I pause as I look around the room again and then continue:

“But since I like your offer we have a deal! I’ll move into this room for the next two months.”

Like me, George’s expression remains cool, although, I am convinced he is happy to have rented out this room for so long. Now he nods with obvious satisfaction, smiles, and asks:

“So, Ilona, do you want to move in today or tomorrow?”

I briefly consider it and decide to move in today. Tomorrow will be Thursday and my ad in Athens World appears in Friday’s edition, by which time everything has to be ready.

“I would like to move in as soon as possible. When could you have the room ready?” George looks at his watch.

“Let’s say an hour. I’ll send for Sophie right now and she’ll give it a once over.”

Fine! I go back to my room, neatly refold and repack my clothes into my two suitcases. Shortly thereafter, there is a knock at the door. It is Sophie the maid coming to tell me my new room is ready to move into. Now, room 42 has fresh towels, a bath mat, shower gel, the bed is made, the refrigerator hums, the TV is plugged in, and the air-conditioning is running. — It is a relief knowing I do not have to search for new lodging! — Now it is time to unpack again. The closet, which is also a wardrobe, has a somewhat different setup and I am short hangers. I run downstairs to the lobby and ask Spiros for more. He disappears into a storeroom and returns with a handful of hangers. I grab them and run back up to my new room. Yippee! — Now I am in a larger room with an even better view and pay a l

ower rate than I was actually willing to spend!

It is 2:30 p.m. by the time I am finished moving into my new room. I push Violet’s stored number but she does not answer. Presumably, she is with a client. I will try her again later. Walking swiftly, I leave the hotel and head for the Port of Piraeus. As I arrive on the subway station platform, I am in luck and immediately board the waiting train bound for Syntagma Square. I arrive at the station and climb five flights of stairs to get back above ground. As I already have done enough exercise today, climbing up and down staircases, I use the escalator for the last flight of stairs! 

Exploring Syntagma Square and a few neighboring streets, I see plenty of large luxury hotels. Today I am wearing black and white checkered hot pants with a snug fitting black top. In this outfit, together with my high, black summer pumps and blonde hair, I attract more attention than I like. Other female tourists are not dress snazzily or sexy. Be that as it may, I muster up the courage and enter the famous luxurious hotels. In the lobby, I see a small table with brochures and magazines for guests. I pocket a copy of the June/July edition of the Athens Guide. This little glossy brochure lists numerous hotels, ads for shops and restaurants, and provides information on upcoming events. It might come in handy. Dressed in hot pants, I attract many glances. I leave the beautiful hotel, thinking I will return some other time when I am more suitably dressed. Quickly, I peek into two other classy hotels and then stroll around Syntagma Square. The indispensable Greek peripteros occupy each corner and in the middle stands a huge water fountain. Park benches are situated in the shady areas provided by the trees. I sit down on one with a particularly nice view of part of the square and try Violet’s number again. This time she answers on the third ring.

“Hi, darling, this is Anika! How are you? Are you busy or do you have time to answer a question?”

“Oh, hi sweetie! It’s nice to hear from you. How are you? I’ve already been shopping this morning. I ran out of butter, bread, and water. Gosh, I hate schlepping all those water bottles! But, I need it at home for my customers. I mean, don’t ask me why they drink water when they’re at my place, they don’t do that when I meet them in a hotel. I really don’t get it. In any case, I have no choice but to lug all those bottles home. You know I have to walk 200 meters to the closest mini market. And, a six-pack of bottled water weighs nine kilos! I guess my customers seem to forget that little fact. Anyway, I don’t want to give them tap water, it tastes horrible, especially during the summer. Maybe I shouldn’t set out an entire bottle and a glass, and instead, only offer a glass? Perhaps I should toss in a few ice cubes too, then I wouldn’t use as much bottled water! What do you think? Does it seem rude? I mean, it’s not about the cost. My main concern is all that schlepping! — So, tell me, darling, what have you been up to? Have you spoken to the hotel manager? I’m so excited for you. Today is Wednesday and come Friday your phone may ring and you’ll have your first customer! Aren’t you excited? Thinking back when I started, damn, girl, it was an incredibly electrifying time!”

“Yes, I agree, it’s exciting. By the way, I have good news; I’m staying at the Lilo Hotel. George the manager gave me a room on the fourth floor for only 23 euros a day. Isn’t that fabulous! I immediately agreed. My new room is even slightly larger and since I’m on the fourth floor, I have a much better view! I’ve already settled in. What do you think about that?”

“Wonderful! Congratulations, darling, I’m happy for you! Considering you have all the amenities and internet, 23 euros a day is a good rate. You really have no reason to complain. Renting an apartment would cost more. Okay, an apartment would be bigger and provide more comfort, but it’s not like you need that now. — Anyway, darling, I have another appointment. I have to go to the 6 X Hotel in Glyfada. I’m meeting a new client there. But you know I don’t service new clients in my apartment. Let’s see what kind of man he is. Perhaps he’ll never call me back, who knows. Anyway, I have to get going soon. What are you up to right now?”

“At the moment, I’m in Syntagma Square looking for a place to eat. I’m starving. Perhaps you can help me out. Where do you go to get your nails done? Can you recommend a place that’s not too expensive but still does a great job?”

“Darling, I always go to Maria. She has a small studio on Metaxa Street in Glyfada. It’s easy to find. Hold on; let me give you her phone number. It’s better to make an appointment with her!”

“Violet, any chance you can text me the number? That way it’s already stored on my phone.”

“Of course, darling. I’m sending it now. Say hi to Maria for me! She knows me as Violet.”

“Okay, good to know! I’ll talk to you later. Have a great day. And good luck with your new client!”

“Thanks, darling. Hugs and kisses. Don’t forget to call me!”

Great! That is taken care of. I will call Maria as soon as I get the text. Maybe I can make an appointment for late tomorrow morning.

I no longer see the man who was watching me when I was on the phone with Violet. At the nearest periptero, I check out available magazines. As I flip through a German magazine, the man who was watching me appears out of nowhere and stands directly next to me. The vendor and the man exchange a few Greek words and then both look at me. Since I do not speak Greek, I have no idea what passed between. The man standing next to me addresses me in English. He is about one meter ninety with gray hair. I estimate he is around 60 years old and is wearing tan trousers and a short-sleeved beige shirt. Although he is quite tall and muscular, he blends in.

“What’s your name?” he inquires.

Oh! What do we have here? Is he coming on to me? A thousand thoughts cross my mind because all I see is a fish I could catch.

“My name is Anika. What’s your name?”

“I’m Richard. I’m from Canada.”

His face has an odd expression as he speaks. The periptero vendor laughs and makes a remark that obviously amuses both men. Are they laughing at me?

“Everyone here knows me,” states Richard. “This vendor here and the periptero vendor over there. I live here. Everybody knows me as Richard from Canada!”

I am not sure if he is telling me this simply to gain my trust. The reason does not matter because I cannot think of an answer. I am sure he is only talking to me because I am in hot pants and I look like I..., — what, like I want to attract attention? Well, I guess in my case it is true. Let me see how this plays out. I will use Richard for a bit of fishing practice!

“Nice to meet you, Richard!” I say and smile at him. I hold out my hand, which he shakes.

“What are you doing here?” he asks me.

I take a few steps so we are out of earshot of the vendor. Naturally, Richard follows me.

“I work in Athens,” I reply.

“Doing what?”

I take a deep breath, muster all my courage, and say:

“I provide sex for money.”

Phew! That was not easy. Standing in my high-heel pumps, I feel my knees tremble.

“Oh,” says Richard, “would you do it with me?”


“Great! Do you want to go to my place? I live right over there.”

“Okay. But just to verify, you understand, I’m not having sex with you without payment, right?”

“Obviously, I’m not stupid. I guess I should know how much you charge.”

“150 euros.”

“That’s too much. I’ll give you half, deal?”

“No! My rate is 150 euros for an hour!”

“I won’t need an hour, 30 minutes is plenty. Come on, let’s go!”

God, what am I supposed to do now? Seventy-five is good money for a quickie. — Why not! I never made that much at the club I used to work at and that was for a 40-minute session. So, Ilona, do not let pride get in the way now! Richard didn’t call about the ad in Athens World. It is merely a chance encounter.

“Okay, I’ll play along. Where exactly do you live?”

“Right over there.” He points.

We leave Syntagma Square and make a right turn, followed by a left. Richard walks toward a large glass-paned entrance and opens the door. Once we are in the elevator, he pushes the button for the fifth and seemingly top floor. On the ride up, he gives my body a once over, smiles, and says:

“You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” I reply. Suddenly, my stomach feels a bit queasy. We climb a staircase up to another level before arriving at an apartment door after exiting the elevator on the fifth floor. Richard unlocks it and we entered the penthouse apartment. He says:

“Feel free to look around. Oh, and make sure to go outside. The view from up here is fantastic.”

Two sides of the apartment are entirely floor to ceiling glass panels. The large, built-in sliding doors are open wide and I step out onto a huge terrace partially covered by a pergola. Wow! From up here, I can even see the Acropolis. As I walk along the railing and take in the scenery, I call to Richard:

“The view from your terrace is incredible!”

Richard finally joins me and tells me he bought the apartment many years ago. Before that, he lived in Canada and was a professional boxer.

“Come on!” he says, “let me show you some pictures of me.”

And what do you know, the walls in his office are full of pictures of him from former boxing events. Different shots taken during matches, after a win with his arms stretched up high, holding a wide championship belt. Richard says:

“I was a champion a few times. — But 15 years ago, I had a stroke. What you see is all that’s left of the former champion.”

For some reason, I think he may have also received a few too many punches to the head. I immediately hate myself because it is unkind. It does, however, explain why Richard looked and sounded so strange when he first approached me at the periptero.

“Where do you want us to get comfortable?” I ask, wanting to get business out of the way as quickly as possible.

“Nowhere. Undress yourself. I want to fuck you right here.”

“What, right here at the desk?”

“Why not? — You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, it’s fine.”

I take off my shirt and drape it over the desk chair. I undo my bra and slip it off, then place it neatly on my top. Richard watches me. Hoping the show turns him on, I peel off my hot pants, turn around slowly, and set it on top my other items. Then I remove my panties. When I turn back around to face him, I am wearing only my high-heel pumps. Lecherously, Richard appraises me. I saunter slowly up to him and feel his crotch. Good, I have his attention! I unfasten his belt and zipper and Richard pulls down his pants along with his big tighty-whities. His member is rock hard and I wrap the fingers of one hand around it. Having already laid out a condom from my small toiletry bag, I reach for it with my other hand and open the wrapper with my teeth. With the rubber in my free hand, I move my body against Richard and slide down until I end up on the ground on one knee. I roll the rubber over his dick and immediately put it deep into my mouth. Throwing his head back, Richard moans loudly. Gently, he grabs hold of the back of my head and starts slowly moving his hips back and forth. In the next instant, he pulls his penis out of my mouth and asks me to turn around and brace myself against the desk. As he moves into position behind my spread legs, I wet the fingers of my right hand and run them through my crotch so I am moist, making it easier for him to slide in his cock. As soon as I am done, I feel him penetrate me violently. His cock is big and I feel it deep inside me. Momentarily painful, I immediately relax and let him fuck in his rhythm until he comes. The moment of his orgasm, he grabs my hips with both hands and roughly thrusts his pelvis against my butt. So that is how a former boxing champion fucks. I patiently wait until he finishes climaxing and remain silent until he pulls out. I immediately turn around to make sure the rubber is still in place. Everything is fine. I smile at him and stroke his shoulders and upper arms.

“Damn, those are quite some biceps! What a strong man you are,” I say softly, receiving a smile for my flattery.

“May I use your bathroom?” I ask.

“Naturally! I take it you know the way?”

“Yes, thank you. I saw it earlier.”

I remove my clothes from the chair, place my toiletry case in my shoulder bag, and carry everything into the bathroom. Where are the clean towels? I open the closet doors and find a stack of fresh towels. Once dressed, I leave the bathroom and find Richard sitting outside at the patio table.

“Okay, Richard, darling, I’ll be on my way. It was nice meeting you. Would you like my phone number?”

“Yes, hold on, you can write it down for me!”

He gets up and goes back to the desk where he fucked me. He hands me a pen and a piece of paper. I am happy I memorized my new phone number. I write: Anika — 69978 69 22 69. Richard reaches for the wallet in his back pocket and pulls out a 50 and a 20-euro note. — Crap! We agreed on 75! I look at him questioningly.

“I don’t have a fiver,” he says. “It’s not the end of the world. We could go have a coffee somewhere and then I’ll have change.”

“No, I’ll let it pass this time, Richard. Have a nice day and call me should you get the hots for me!”

I stand on my tiptoes, kiss him goodbye on the cheek, and leave. That went off without a hitch! I look at my watch. All in all, I only spent 35 minutes in Richard’s apartment and made enough money to buy a toaster and a kettle. The rest of the afternoon, I spend strolling through the inner city, thrilled I caught my own first fish in Athens! 

Chapter 7 will be released on 2nd September 2020