Chapter 5: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

Author :- Maria van Daarten Nov. 13, 2020, 9:03 a.m.
Chapter 5: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

Back in my room at the Lilo Hotel, I plug my new cell phone into an outlet to charge the battery while I play around with it. I enter Violet’s cell and home phone numbers into the address book. Then, I choose a background picture, check out the preinstalled apps, and try the camera. I also make sure I have access to the Internet and a search engine, which is crucial. Other than those, I am not interested in any other extras. Next, I place the half-unpacked suitcase on the bed, sort the rest of my clothes, and stow them in the closet. Now I am set in case I receive a phone call from a prospective customer on Friday. Once all my clothes are neatly put away, I pack a small toiletry case: condoms in two different sizes, lube gel, a small bottle of massage oil, and a small black vibrator. From now on, I will always carry the case in my handbag. In another bag, a slightly larger one, which I will also take from now on, I pack a matching sexy black lingerie set and a pair of strapless stockings. These are what I will wear with my next client. In a large shoulder bag, I pack a short black vinyl dress, matching black vinyl gloves, thigh boots, a whip, a spanking paddle, a pair of handcuffs, and a long blonde ponytail hairpiece. Next, I add another dildo — slightly bigger, nipple clamps, as well as two, one meter, black soft ropes and place the pre-packed bag in the closet. It feels great to be ready in the event someone calls who is interested in domination. Now that I am finished, I call Violet.

“Hello, Violet! It’s me, Anika. How are you? Did you make it home all right? The number displayed is my new work cell phone. That’s the one I’ll be calling you with from now on, so you might as well save it in your directory!”

“Hi, darling. It’s good to hear your voice! I’m glad you took care of business. Yeah, I arrived home safely. I’ve had a busy day so far. Janis called at 10:00 a.m. and came over at 11:00 a.m. Then I went shopping and Jack called me. Not our Jack, mind you. My Jack! So I had to rush to get back home by 2:00 p.m. because he couldn’t make it a half hour later! — God, he was his usual awful self again. Just imagine, he walks in, puts a 100-euro note and a box of chocolates on the table, then grabs me and kisses me so hard, my lips almost started bleeding. He then drags me into my bedroom and fucks my pussy sore! Ha, but I was lucky because it didn’t take him all that long, fucking me so hard. Ha-ha! — Until six months ago, he always paid 150, but since his wife left him, he only springs for 100 and always adds a box of pralines or a bouquet of flowers! What do you think? I really don’t know what to do with that man. I mean, I’ve known him for twelve years, but he cannot seriously think I’d go out regularly with him. Lately, after each sexual encounter, he asks me out on a date. He wants a relationship with me, but I always say: No Jack! I have work to do. I can’t spend an entire evening with you! — I hate the situation. It’s not like I want to lose his business, he sees me weekly. Oh well, c’est la vie! I’ll be at the Hilton Hotel this evening. Jerry, he’s from Aegina, is flying to London tomorrow for a month and he wants to see me before leaving for so long. I’m glad business is so good, but sometimes I simply want to watch my favorite TV shows. — Anyway, enough about me. How are you, darling? We had fun last night, didn’t we? We should do it again. Summer is always better for fishing than winter. It allows us to dress in flimsier clothing that shows more of our assets. — So, what are you doing now? Have you spoken to the manager of the Lilo Hotel to see if you can get a better rate for a long-term rental?”

Violet takes a deep breath and I use the opportunity to answer:

“No, I haven’t talked to him yet. Maybe I’ll get to it later today, otherwise tomorrow morning. Let’s see when the mood strikes me... Anyway, I’m doing fine. I placed my ad in Athens World and I can’t wait to see what’ll happen on Friday. I’ve completely unpacked my suitcases and everything is in its place. Tomorrow morning I’m planning to go back to the inner city to get better acquainted with it. — Hey, you want me to read you my ad?”

“Yes, I’m curious, darling! You know, I haven’t changed my ad in years. I believe every man in Athens knows it by now.”

I read my ad to Violet:

“‘Very attractive and charming lady from Germany would like to meet a generous gentleman... cell phone No. 69978 69 22 69’ — what do you think, you like it?”

“Fantastic, darling! Trés appealing. And it suits you! You could have easily used the word sexy because you are, once you let go of your inhibition. Yesterday evening, after we struck the deal with Jack, you really let loose. And then in Jack’s room, you were anything but awkward or shy. You merely have to learn how to come on to guys out in the open. But you will! It’s useful!”

“Yes, I believe I’ll have to watch you for a while longer. I admired how easily you always steered the conversation back to the topic. Simply marvelous! — So, Violet, I hope you have a nice day and I’ll call you when I have something new to report. Take care!”

“Yes, do that, darling! Kisses!”

It is 6:00 p.m. and still hot outside. My stomach growls and I realize I have not eaten anything since breakfast this morning. I grab my handbag and stroll down to Zea Marina. On the promenade, I discover a large supermarket that also offers household products. I am glad I found a store like that nearby because I plan to buy a kettle and a toaster so I can make breakfast in my room. It is cheaper than going out to eat, not to mention, I do not care much for Nescafé. Except for bougatsa, there are not many pastries I like. I long for a real German breakfast! I see a Greek burger joint and go in. Although it offers sidewalk tables, I prefer to sit inside because it is too noisy for me outside with the vehicles zipping by. I ask for a Diet Coke and a menu and sit down at an empty table near the front window. From here, I can entertain myself by watching the crowds passing by. When all is said and done, I leave the restaurant a bit disappointed and dispense with making a note about its food in my book. I stroll around the marina and look at the boats. God, it is so incredible to be near the sea and smell it. To be in a foreign country where the temperature is balmy, where I can run around in a mini skirt without worrying about being recognized and talked about behind my back — it feels so good! I love the anonymity. Completely free. Back in the clubs where I used to work as a prostitute, I was always afraid a man might walk up to me that knew me. Or, perhaps an older man who knew my father. Or, even a friend of someone. — Every time I was called into the screening room by a new customer, I was anxious and approached him hesitantly while my heart pounded fiercely. Only when I was close enough to be sure I had never met the guy did I finally calm down. Luckily, I never ran into a customer who knew me during those years. I believe it was also due to the fact that most of the clientele did not live in the surrounding area. However, some of our regulars were locals. They liked to stop by on their way home from work for a quickie before watching the daily evening news on TV and dinner with the family. I guess for some men it is a part of relaxing after work. — But that was the past! Now I am in a place where I can enjoy my work without the worry of being recognized hanging over me. Moreover, I am extremely happy to be self-employed so I do not have to share half my money!

Along the marina promenade is one sidewalk café after another. Most tables are occupied by people in lively conversations. The only person I have to talk to right now is Violet. Maybe I should give my father a call. I promised I would so he knows I arrived safely in Athens. What am I going to tell him? My family and friends assume I went to Athens to get a summer job in the tourist industry. Like taking a little adventure without knowing the outcome. Most of them considered such an undertaking as courageous and wished me good luck. None of them has the slightest idea about my real purpose. That is just as well. As a teenager, I had taken an apprenticeship as an office assistant. Later on, when I married Manfred and we lived in that small town, I had worked at an engineering office. Even back then I had occasionally worked as a prostitute, first in a bar and then in various clubs when Manfred went on a business trip, which had been often. He had no idea about my part-time job and it was not the reason we broke it off. After our divorce, I moved back into my father’s house that he owns and where I grew up. After thirteen years, my childhood room still looked the same. On one hand, moving in with my father provided me with a limited social life, but on the other, with a sense I was not stuck there. I knew I still had my life, a new beginning, to look forward to whenever I was ready. In the neighboring village, I worked as a part-time office assistant for a local construction company and three to four nights a week I worked at a club. My father and all those who knew me believed I was babysitting. Three weeks ago, I quit my part-time office job and started packing my bags. Thirst pulls me out of my reminiscing and back to the present. I sit down at the next sidewalk cafe and order a glass of white wine. The waiter returns with my drink and a bowl of assorted nuts, which I do not touch. — Too many calories and I do not want to get fat. I pull out my private phone with the German number and scan the online papers. After looking at all the photos I took during the last few days here in Athens, I finally add the Greek number of my new work phone to my address book. The name of my new contact is: Anika!