Chapter 10: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

Author :- Maria van Daarten Feb. 27, 2021, 4:03 p.m.
Chapter 10: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

This chapter has been reprinted with permission.

Since I am currently in the city center, I look around for the tourist office. I am in luck and find it near Syntagma Square. I relish the air-conditioning. The air in the city is oppressive as the outside temperature has already climbed above 36 degrees Celsius. Several women and men dressed in dark blue uniforms stand behind desks advising tourists. Looking around, I see beautiful posters featuring the Greek Islands, the sea, beaches, mountains, and Greek villages. When it is my turn, I ask for two city maps and inquire about brochures listing bus and railway services within Athens. The friendly German-speaking lady hands me five folding maps with all the bus, subway, and tram lines in the relevant districts drawn in. I also ask about hotels and the lady supplies me with a small glossy brochure containing a large number of three – five-star hotels with their address and telephone numbers.

Back outside in Athens’ menacing heat, I check my cell phone. So far, no calls. However, it is only noon. Seeing a small café under the shade of a few large trees in front of the Grand Bretagne Hotel, I walk over, sit at one of the tables, and call Violet. She answers:


“Hi, Violet, it’s Anika! How are you?”


“Oh, Anika, hi, darling! I’m great. How about you? I’ve been wondering what you might be up to. Your ad is in today’s paper, right? You know, I no longer buy Athens World regularly. I learn everything from the radio and television. Why would I waste money buying a paper every week just to check if my ad is in it? I can tell it is published by the calls I receive. Okay, I haven’t received a call, but that’s not unusual because most prospective customers call in the afternoon once they are off work. Obviously that doesn’t apply to regular clients. Are you excited?”

I reply affirmatively and relate the details about my encounter with Adonis.

“Darling, you can’t jump into a stranger’s car! It’s far too dangerous. He could’ve kidnapped and raped you. Oh, my God, you were quite reckless!”

“But, Violet, he was driving a Jeep Cherokee and dressed in expensive trousers and an ironed short-sleeved shirt. He didn't look like a criminal, more like a gentleman. That’s why I got into his car. We chatted amicably for half an hour on the rooftop terrace of the Ammas Hotel before driving to a no-tell hotel. He was very accommodating. Everything worked out fine, except for the fact that he only paid me 80 euros, which will probably be his regular rate now... Then again, Richard only pays me 70! — By the way, I just came from Richard. He called me this morning! Once again, he was fast. Easy money. So, what do you say to that?”

“That’s great! You should make sure to keep him on your good side, darling! I’m sure he’ll call you regularly and, nowadays, 70 euros isn’t chump change. Remember the crisis Greeks are currently experiencing! Considering what you told me about Adonis, I’m sure he’ll call you again. But, darling, you should know that a well-dressed man driving an expensive car is no guarantee he is a good character! You were rather careless. I’d be too scared to jump into a stranger’s car. But enough of that! What do you say we get together on Monday, providing of course we don’t have appointments that evening? It would be nice to see each other and chat a little. I don’t have anyone else to talk to about work. Do you have someone? Are there any women in Germany you talk with over the phone? Have you revealed your profession to a friend or acquaintance? — I haven’t told a soul!”

“Same here. I wouldn’t even tell my best friends. In Germany, the only people I talked to about work were co-workers and the club owners. Although those conversations can’t compare to ours, which is why I’m so glad we met! — So yes, if nothing comes up, I would enjoy getting together Monday evening. Do you have any appointments for today or tomorrow?”

“No, not yet. My new customer, the one I met at the 6 X Hotel in Glyfada, won’t be back in Athens for another two weeks. His name is Ben. I think he is around 60 years old. He is a nice, simple man who takes care of himself. First, he wanted oral sex and then took me from behind. None of that pesky groping! My God, when I think about everything young men demand! If Ben calls again, I’ve even considered letting him come to my apartment. I actually prefer older men coming to my home because they appear respectable and don’t stand out.

Should one of my neighbors see me in the hallway with a client they might think he’s a friend or a relative. Okay, some might be curious why I have so many male acquaintances, but it’s not like there’s a parade going on. I don’t think my neighbors have the slightest idea what goes on within my four walls. — You should come visit me at home one day! Okay?”

“Yes, I’m sure I will. Thanks for the invite! God, I’m so anxious right now. I can’t wait to see if I get a call from a prospective customer today. Anyway, everything I need for the job is in my bag. I’m ready to go to a hotel or make a house call. I’ll call you as soon as something happens. Goodbye, sweetie, and wish me luck!”

“Yes, I do. Kisses!”

I unfold and place the map of Athens on the table and use my phone to Google the exact addresses of some of the hotels listed in the brochure and mark their location on my map. Now I have an overview of the entire city of Athens. It is much better than looking only at displayed sections of the city on the small screen of my cell phone. I also mark Richard’s home and the hotels I frequent; the Ammas Hotel and the 6 X Hotel in Alimos. This overview will help me get my bearings faster and provides me with a better idea of commuting time. In a small notebook, I write:

Jack: Ammas hotel, Poseidonos Street, Glyfada, €100

Richard: Voula Street, City Center, €70

Adonis: 6 X Hotel, Poseidonos Street, Alimos, €80

Richard: Voula Street, City Center, €70

Naturally, I have already tallied it up: So far, I have earned 320 euros. Delighted, I note my earnings. I am a collector. I most passionately collect money, shoes, and lingerie. Since I am on the subject of collecting, I recall the well-equipped sex shop near Omonoia Square is only one subway stop away. Now I can afford the red mesh bodysuit with vinyl trim. It is also an investment in my business and it will satisfy my passion for lingerie, at least for a while. — Although I already have lots of alluring underthings, in my business you can never have enough and looking at it as an investment allows for a clear conscience! I pay for my Diet Coke and walk to the subway station.

At that moment, in the middle of Syntagma Square and surrounded by crowds, my phone rings. No need to panic, Ilona! Removing my phone from my handbag, I glance at the display. Unknown number. Not dwelling on it, I answer the call.


“Hi! My name is Pete. Am I speaking with the very attractive and charming lady from Germany?”

My heart skips a beat. I take a deep breath and say:

“Yes, that’s me, Pete. My name is Anika.”

“Can you tell me something about yourself and your rates?”

“Of course! I am 35, slim with blonde hair and blue eyes. My rate is 150 euros an hour.”

What do you know, easy peasy!

“Okay, sounds good. Where do you live? Can I come to your home or do you go to hotels?”

“I don’t have my own work place — I am only available for out calls. Basically, I go to hotels or make home visits. If you want, I can meet you at one of the hourly hotels.”

“Yeah, that’ll be fine. What days and hours do you work?”

“Every day as long as my phone is on. Generally, from early morning until late at night. If you want to see me, you must give me at least an hour to get there.”

“Unquestionably. Athens is a big city with heavy traffic. Okay, Anika, thanks for the information. I’ll get back to you.”

“Bye, Pete. Thanks for calling.”

“Bye, Anika.”

Phew! My heart is racing. — Did I do it right? I have no idea! My mind is in overdrive, re- and replaying the conversation from start to finish. Did I leave anything out? No. I still feel unsure. I lost track of my rehearsed spiel. — Then again, it was my first call. All I have to do is proceed according to the motto, ‘practice makes perfect’ and I will gain experience and confidence!

Only now do I slowly calm down and become aware of the people, cars, and mopeds around me. I was in my own little world during the call. I hop on the subway to Omonoia Square. Topside seems to be teeming with foreign street hawkers. It is noisy and hot. Rushing to the sex shop, I find the red mesh body suit where I left it. Since it is a one of a kind, I do not need to try it on again. Not searching for anything else, I pay and leave the shop. Rolled together, the bodysuit is only as big as a banana and lighter than my smartphone.

It is the ideal reserve outfit to carry around daily. Standing outside again in the Greek sun’s merciless heat, I realize it is time to buy a sun hat to prevent my brain from liquefying. Examining what the street vendors around Omonoia Square have to offer, I only find caps and simple, small hats that do not match my wardrobe. My phone rings again. This time it is a Greek cell phone number. I step into the next entryway to block out the street noise.


“Yes, hello! This is George. Did you place an ad in Athens World?”

“Yes, I did. My name is Anika.”

“Hi, Anika!” What do you charge for an hour? Oh, and how old are you?”

“I’m 35 and I charge 150 euros an hour.”

“Wow! That’s a lot. Can you make me a better deal?”

“No, sorry, darling.”

“Okay, thank you.”

He hangs up. Just like that. Well, I guess I am too expensive for him. Although it is not the end of the world, I am irritated. I step into the subway station to catch a train back to my hotel. After all, I cannot walk around the city all day in this impossible heat. I need to rest a bit in a cool room. Closing my eyes while listening to the gentle clatter of the train, I replay the last few days in my mind. All in all, they were successful. I should not feel down simply because a man who could not afford me hung up.

After reaching the last station in Piraeus, I still need to walk a good 15-20 minutes to my hotel. I make the journey in the shade of the houses along my route. Today is the first day I have a little difficulty walking. It is definitely hotter than yesterday. I need to acclimatize to such high temperatures. Once in my hotel room, I close the balcony door and crank the air conditioner, setting it to 22 degrees Celsius. Exhausted, I completely undress and stretch out on my bed. I have placed the cell phone on the nightstand next to me. Intending to rest my eyes only for a few minutes, I immediately fall asleep. Eventually, my ringing phone wakes me. Startled and still half-asleep, I grab it. It is another Greek cell phone number.


“Bon jour. My name is Anton. To whom am I speaking?”

“My name is Anika.”

“Hello, Anika, I saw your ad in Athens World’s escort section. It is yours, correct?”

“Yes, you have the right number. What can I do for you, Anton?”

“I would like to know how old you are, if you make house calls or work from home, and how much your hourly rate is.”

I answer all of Anton’s questions and also tell him I only practice safe sex and that I need at least an hour to make it to an appointment.

“Okay. Do you know the Lipsy Hotel near the Syngrou Fix Station?”

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t know the place. If you text me the address and phone number of the hotel, I’ll know how to get there.”

“Yes, I’ll do that. Are you already booked for tomorrow afternoon? Can we meet at 2:00 p.m.?”

“2:00 p.m. works for me. Please tell me your full name and room number. Once you’ve texted me the information I’ll call you back.”

“Anika, it’s a no-tell hotel! That’s not a problem for you, is it?”

“Oh, I didn’t know! — Okay, it’s not a problem. Go ahead and text me the address of the hotel. Tomorrow, when you’re at the hotel, call me. — I’ll be in the vicinity and can be in your room in a few minutes. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, that’s fine!”

“Good, until tomorrow then, Anton!”

“See you tomorrow, Anika!”

That went smoothly. I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon — yippee! He did not even comment on the rate. I felt more confident this time giving out my information. At once, I am wide-awake and excited. I immediately call Violet.

“Hey, sweetie! I have an appointment at the Lipsy Hotel tomorrow afternoon with a man named Anton. Ever hear of him? He sounds like a Frenchman.”

“Anika, that’s fantastic! Unfortunately, I don’t know the Lipsy Hotel and I’ve never heard of a guy named Anton. You say he’s a Frenchman? — No, the name doesn’t ring a bell. What’s your impression of him?”

“He was polite and didn’t quibble about the price. I’m still waiting for him to text me the address of the hotel. Tomorrow, he’ll call me as soon as he has the room number. Everything will go smoothly, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it will! I hope he’s a nice guy!”

“He certainly sounded like it, but you never know simply by talking on the phone. But don’t worry, I’ll give you a detailed report!”

“Yes, you do that. — Oh, I’m sorry Anika, but my phone is ringing. I have to go! Talk to you soon, darling. Don’t forget to call me!”

In the meantime, I have received Anton’s text message. I open my laptop and Google the hotel. I scroll through the displayed page without finding a hotel with that name. Maybe it does not have a website. Anton also confirmed our appointment: Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. Searching Google maps, I find the address of the hotel and mark the location on my city map with the other marked the hotel locations. I spend the rest of the day learning Greek words, eating out, peeking at my phone repeatedly, and taking an evening stroll around my hotel block. Finally, as I fall tired and disappointed into bed, I realize my hoped-for appointments did not transpire. Although my phone rings five more times before 1 a.m., each caller only asks for information. Okay, three men sounded as if they were interested. — Oh well, we shall see!

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