Book Reviews: An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team June 10, 2020, 9:55 a.m.
Book Reviews: An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips

This was a fantastic beginners guide to exploring your own sexuality. This book encourages a positive, healthy view of consensual sexuality no matter your sexual preferences, kinks, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship type (monogamous, polyamorous etc). Interwoven into the educational material are stories from the author's own life that helps to put the reader at ease as they begin to identify some of their own desires for a fulfilling sex life. This book is the perfect starting point for those who may have questions about sexual preferences or identity. Additionally, there are several quality resources included to help further the process of self-exploration as it relates to sexuality and desire. This book is both informative and easy to read, the author explains any words or terms that may be unfamiliar and her own vulnerability through personal stories makes the content feel even more accessible and relatable.  

C Wagner

A rare blend of vulnerable, personal truth-telling combined with real professionalism and expertise. Yael's commitment to exploring the intersection of identity, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships (her own, yours, everyone's!) makes you feel like you're talking with a friend - who just happens to also be an expert.

The way Yael shares her story makes the text relatable; she then uses this comfort you've built to make you ask questions about your own assumptions and practices.

This may be an Intro-Guide but many of us would do well to revisit it!

Katherine Kolios 

This book is AMAZING! All of the information including terms & definitions were responsibly explained. I also felt empowered!! I loved the encouragement to explore your body and to take ownership of your sexuality. The book makes you feel safe and validated!