Best Foreplay Tips for Men to please Her in Bed

Author :- Pooja Gupta Jan. 19, 2021, 2:29 p.m.
Best Foreplay Tips for Men to please Her in Bed

If you do not take the time to implement the proper foreplay techniques well before making love, then you're doing it wrong.

Seriously, gentleman. Women absolutely and 110% love and relish the art of foreplay, and most women will not even come close to having a real orgasm without a focus on this pre-sex fun, most likely reaching for the best sex toy to finish the job should you skip right into it.

So how to make foreplay better?

It just takes a little extra time, effort, and attention to ensure that at least some of these foreplay tips for men are followed. So the next time intimacy is brewing, stop and make sure that you are giving your woman the attention she needs in regards to her body and her mental sexual health before sex.

Foreplay tips for men

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Before getting into the actual best foreplay tips for men, one thing will always remain true. The longer and more extended the foreplay, the more desire will accumulate, so keep in mind that foreplay can start well before you are actually planning to have sex, and creating anticipation is a key aspect of good foreplay.

It starts with aesthetics

Your sexual interaction starts well before any physicality. If you want to turn your woman on, then there is seriously no better way to begin than with what she sees with her eyes.

Aesthetics can do a lot in terms of setting the mood, as come on, there's nothing sexy about a dirty room or an unmade bed.

Just take the time to clean your area up and make it look very appealing, and then add a little touch of flair for extra points. Things like candles and flowers might seem cliche, but they're cliche because people love them, so never be intimidated to dress a room up for the part!

Hint at sex early on

As I said earlier, there is no such thing as initiating foreplay too early. Hint at sex early on into your day to both instill a desire within your partner that will grow as time passes, and to make it known that you are planning intimacy later.

A dirty text message while you head off to work or a little whisper in the ear before you leave will leave her patiently yet eagerly waiting for you to finish what you have started with just a few little words.

Kiss and touch

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It is all too common for men to jump past the keystone elements of love and right into sensory exploration. Want to know what will turn your woman on? Kiss her! And kiss her for a long time.

This will showcase to her the genuine side of your love, and will form the connection between one another that only results in wanting more.

Your entire goal here is to build anticipation, so never skip past the kissing and focus on extending this interaction before dirtying things up.

As you kiss, touch the parts of her body that are not indicative of sex. Her arms, her legs, her feet even. Show her that you relish every inch of her skin and that being able to touch her goosebump riddled skin is something you will never take for granted.

Slow and steady

As you begin to move from kissing and into more sexual interactions, don't let this excitement speed you up.

I know, it's easy to do, as who isn't excited about getting it on? And it is this excitement alone that sometimes makes us skip right past the essential foreplay.

When practicing foreplay and having sex, you have to slow it down. Don't just rip your clothes off and jump into it like a wild animal. Use this timing to further build anticipation as you seductively take off your clothes and move your body.

Make her want it, just as they so often make us want it, and with the right slow and steady timing, your foreplay will have her clawing at your skin.

Sex toys

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Why do women love sex toys? Because they work and they nearly always provide an orgasm.

Don't let the benefits of sex toys go unused in your foreplay. Especially if you know your woman has a favorite that always gets her off.

Using these toys will subconsciously spark memories of past orgasms derived from their sensory exploration, and there's no better way to make your woman crave you inside her than by first playing with her clitoris and the thousands of pleasure nerves using a sensual sex toy that she loves.