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Best Condoms For Women

Mehdi Moosvi  |  Nov 10 2020

Best Condoms For Women

A condom is one of the most important things to include in your safe sex toolkit, but when it comes to seeking pleasure along with safety, most condoms are not able to deliver it. 

What are the best condoms for women?

Having unprotected sex is having sex with all past partners and you definitely shouldn’t risk yourself with your partner taking off his condom for his pleasure and end up having an STI or even worse, being HIV positive. But doing so much for safe sex and compromising on the pleasure part is not the answer, so it is time to know the condom which is best for you. The answer is the condoms that are designed to enhance the pleasure of both partners. Along with focusing on female pleasure and safety during sexual intercourse. The best condoms for women are the ones that are engineered to deliver both, protection with pleasure.

The best options for women

Here’s a list of the best types of condoms available to help women. These condoms are not only good for heightened penetrative pleasure but they are also great for clitoral stimulation while having penetrative sex.

A ribbed condom for female pleasure, and is one of the best condoms for women

Ribbed or Dotted Condoms

These condoms have a textured surface that consists of small raised ridges or circular ribs that run around the circumference of the condom, which gives you a rubbing effect during sex. Most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation and not only from vaginal penetration, so every dot on the condom just adds friction towards the clitoris during penetration.

Under these some condoms have the dots present just at the right spots, dividing the condom into two sections, the top, and the bottom. And for the enhanced sensation and mutual climaxes, there are condoms with hundreds of raised dots on the outside for women’s pleasure and on the inside for the man’s pleasure, thus delaying the man’s orgasm and speeding up things for her. 

They come without or with pre-applied lubricant. 

However, it is advised to use a lubricant to increase the sensation and effectiveness of a condom.

French Ticklers

French tickler condom for her pleasure, and is one of the best condoms for women

The French have been, for centuries, synonymous with the pleasures of the flesh and so are their condoms. French Ticklers are condoms designed for tickling the inner walls of the vagina and feature protrusions/bumps on their surface for enhancing sexual pleasure for her.

These protrusions could be hair-like strands coming out of the surface of the condom or bumps which cover the outer layer of the condom. 

Besides these, there are even add-on tickler rings extensions that can be worn on a French Tickler, just so that he hits your right spots.

Tingling Condoms

tingling condom which causes a tingling sensation

These come pre-applied with a special tingling lubricant, which gives both partners an intensified tingling sensation during sex.

You can even make a tingling condom out of his normal condom, by just applying a tingling lubricant on it before sex.

Warming Condoms

Warming condom for more sensation, and is one of the best condoms for women

Warming Condoms come pre-applied with a warming lubricant, which warms up during sexual intercourse. The warm lubricant when heats up, pleasures both the partners by giving a hot sensation during intercourse, but these condoms are specially designed to heighten female sensation. These condoms are made up of latex and are comparatively thinner than normal condoms.

And if you don’t have a warming condom with you, then you can even make his normal condom a warming condom by just rubbing some warming lube on a condom.

Female Condoms

A female condom is preferred by most people for pleasure

A female condom is worn inside a woman’s vagina and it can increase pleasure derived from sexual intercourse for both partners, and most males even prefer a female condom rather than wearing one. Some of them are made up of a heat-transmitting material that feels even more natural than a latex condom.

Choose according to your need from this list of best condoms for women.

Common questions about condoms

Why condoms are used?
To protect you and your partner from STIs and STDs, and from unwanted pregnancies.

Do condoms have side effects?
Condoms are safe to use, but for some people with latex allergies, it can trigger a latex allergy. Latex is the rubber-like substance condoms are made of.

My partner hates to wear a condom
He might be wearing the wrong condom or the wrong size condom.

Which condoms are great for pleasure?
Use the ones which give pleasure to both partners, while keeping away STIs.

I am allergic to Latex, which condoms should I use?
Try Polyurethane or Lambskin Condoms, which are a great conductor of heat as well but aren’t good options in keeping STIs away.

Do condoms kill the feeling in males?
Most men complain about this and find it a reason to not wear a condom, but he could try out an ultra-thin condom, which feels like you haven’t put on anything.

Are thin condoms safe?
It depends on the quality they are made of.

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