Arousal, Climax, Orgasm and Amplified Orgasm

Author :- Michael Charming June 10, 2020, 9:55 a.m.
Arousal, Climax, Orgasm and Amplified Orgasm

In many of my coaching sessions, my clients often express the desire to experience deeper orgasms in sexual connection with their partner. Upon enquiring further, it is generally found that they have very vague idea of what orgasm actually is? Most of the time, their description of orgasm sounds quite similar to what I call an experience of arousal or climax. Men often associate climax (ejaculation) with orgasm. Infact, my definition of orgasm used to be same as climax prior to my orgasmic journey seven years ago. 

In this section, we will be looking at the difference between arousal, climax, orgasm and amplified orgasm so that we can start to differentiate and identify our sexual body responses with different kinds of experiences experienced by us. In the book Amplify Your Orgasm I have shared different sexual response models used by different sex researchers and experts to define orgasm. Each of these researchers have mentioned arousal in their models. Though their definition and my definition of arousal is the same but we tend to differ in the definition relating to orgasm. 

Before we proceed further, if I were to ask you what is your understanding of difference in each of these what would you say?


Masters and Johnson’s in their Four-Phase Model (EPOR) have mentioned arousal as a state which occurs as a result of physical or mental stimuli such as touching, caressing, kissing, or viewing erotic images, which leads to sexual arousal. Physical or psychological stimulation results in various body responses i.e. the penis or vagina expands, heart breath rates increase, blood vessels dilate, neck and chest flushes, nipples become erect and hard, etc. This phase can last from several minutes to several hours. Hence, arousal is mostly associated to response felt on this physical body in the form of physiological changes. This is often also referred to as excitement or turned on.


Many researchers have defined orgasm as burst of pleasure and release which in my view is climax i.e. it is the state which is considered to be the shortest phase of the sexual response cycle and typically lasts for only a few seconds in men, a bit longer in women, although the sensations are similar for both. It is that point during sexual connection or self-pleasure which consist of involuntary point of release, overflowing, bursting and completely out of control. The best way to understand this is that if we take waves as an example, then the highest point of any wave is what would be referred to as climax because after this, the physical state of the person will start coming down. In men it is also referred to as ejaculation. In this state, neither the men or the women have any control over their body and their bodies is overwhelmed by sensations and body movement. 


Unlike all the other researchers, I define orgasm as the movement of energies in our bodies, especially sexual energy, which triggers various spots creating emotion and feelings, felt as some form of sensation/s either in our layered body, our energy centres, or/and in any or a combination of our subtle bodies/auras. The extent of how deep, intense, and freely these energies will be able to move will depend on how activated and cleared these energy centres are, how aligned the auras are, and how much presence one’s consciousness has on the layers of the body in any given moment. If you are not familiar with the concept of energy or new to understanding energy in sexual terms, then it will not be an easy approach to grasp at this very moment. My book talks in detail about what these energy centres and layered bodies are and how our orgasmic experiences differ depending on the states of each of these centres and layered bodies at a particular given time.  

Amplified Orgasm

Amplified Orgasm is the term introduced by myself. Keeping the definition of orgasm as above, if we start seeing the human from more than just physical body, we will realise that there are lot of other bodies and energy centres which makes up our human composition. An Amplified Orgasm takes the experiences of orgasms from physical body to other dimensions i.e. mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual body and beyond genitals to different energy centres existing in the body. Instead of focussing the goal on orgasm, in amplified orgasm, we focus on amplifying the underlying layers and energy centres which in turn will result in orgasmic amplification. You can read more about Amplified Orgasm here

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