This is a small sensual poem written to express passionate emotions of lust, desire and intense intimacy between two people.  This is one of my first attempts at erotic poetry. Hope you like it and enjoy as much as I did writing.

Take off your shirt 

So navy blue

I want to swim in you.

Clothes on the ground

You and I on the bed

I know something good 

is about to begin.

You come to me

I feel your beautiful warm body

the smell, the touch, the desire

I want you to be mine

You already know 

what turns me on

Our tongues moving slowly 

That's how we go on

My hands on your hair

Your hands on my body

We dance and I kiss your

wet lips with red wine

My body is a road

You can drive with no fear

Tonight I'm full of lust

So do what you want with me.

Just to remind you: I'm yours.

Ray Motta