Why Choose Tickle.Life's Free Podcast Hosting Platform?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team May 25, 2022, 10:36 a.m.
Why Choose Tickle.Life's Free Podcast Hosting Platform?

As you get your creative juices flowing, Tickle.Life has gone the extra mile to create an exclusive sex-positive podcast hosting platform for you. Our podcast hosting platform is available in beta for users to try for free. 

Tickle.Life also has the largest sex-positive podcast hosting directory with over 1,75,000 listed episodes. 

While hosting or listing on Tickle.Life, you don’t have to worry about censorship or shadow banning of your content. Now, let’s examine the main features (only a few are live as we speak) available on Tickle.Life’s podcast hosting platform.

Strong Analytics

Analytics is like the grades you receive after an examination. It helps you to get a grasp of how your podcast is performing. You can work on your podcast and improve it further. This feature can enhance the scope of your podcast. From the number of unique listeners to top episodes, you can find a lot of information using a proper analytics tool. Here are some essential features required within analytics:

  1. Unique Listeners: A person can listen to more than one episode at a time or visit your podcast multiple times a day. But, this tool will only take the data of a listener once daily.
  2. Total Traffic: If you have a website dedicated to your podcast, you can find the total traffic received daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It is a way to analyze your growth as you can see if all your users are converting to listeners.
  3. Top Episodes: You can discover the most downloaded podcasts in a selected date range. It will provide clarity on what works and what doesn’t. Based on this information, you can improve your podcast from its subject to content matter if necessary.
  4.  Top Countries: You have to know where your listeners are from to help address your audience and their needs. You can plan your advertisers, target your advertisements, and do other promotion works. 
  5. Number of Downloads: With this trend graph, you can identify what episodes are trending, are your new episodes getting the required attention, and find out more information on any campaigns you have and how they are performing.

Unlimited Podcast Hosting

With this feature, creators get the opportunity to create over one podcast and host them simultaneously on Tickle.Life. Even after the beta, this feature will be available with no additional charges. Here, you can upload unlimited air minutes without worrying about running short of storage space. However, as you are starting new, this feature might not be something that attracts you. 

But, once you see results in your first podcast, you might want to create another one. For instance, imagine you have a podcast on sex education for adults. With time, you can start another one, focusing on the requests you have been receiving from your audience.

Other than that, when you host on Tickle.Life, we respect your freedom of speech and won’t censor or shadowban you for sharing sex-positive content through your podcast.

Basic Webpage Creation

When you make a podcast live via Tickle.Life, Tickle.Life will automatically create a basic webpage for your podcast. Here, you can have all your podcasts and their episodes listed with your profile and podcast description. You can share this webpage on your social profiles to enhance reach and engagement. 

From your webpage, you can generate your RSS feed, which is essential while distributing your podcast on different streaming platforms, say Spotify or iTunes. 

You can also list your podcast on Tickle.Life’s directory, which contains over 100,000+ sex-positive podcast episodes. 

On Tickle.Life, there is an embeddable podcast player for including your podcast episodes on your blogs. It is an excellent way to attract more listeners who have already shown interest in your content through your blogs.

Creating a podcast using Tickle.Life


With this feature, you can send notifications to your subscribers and your mailing list. It will keep your audience informed of new episodes and other relevant information about your podcast. 

Here, you can create a custom message or choose from the templates provided by Tickle.Life. This feature will soon be available on Tickle.Life.


Tickle.Life will soon be including a rating feature where your fans can show their love for your podcast. It is a great way to understand more about your audience. They can provide their ratings as they listen to your podcast. It will help attract new listeners. 

You can use this to evaluate your podcast, its quality, and its performance. Based on this information, you can also bring strategic shifts if needed.

Ad Marketplace

As you create a podcast, you will be looking out for monetization opportunities. They can range from a fully-sponsored episode dedicated to a product to air time, where you can promote a brand. 

Initially, as Tickle.Life launches an Ad Marketplace creator can discover different companies or brands searching for collaborators.  

You can connect with these brands directly and then discuss a possible collaboration. Similarly, brands can also connect with you directly via Tickle.Life, where they can offer sponsorship if they like your content. However, there will be an integration of other features in the future, including instant chat. 


Demo or Learn opens up the possibilities for creators to empower themselves. Here, you can find ebooks, videos, tutorials, demos, and other relevant resources to improve your podcast. 

You can find pieces of information for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.
Here is a breather: If you want to know more about different tools you can use while creating your podcast episode, click here!

Besides, if you want someone to walk you through the steps, you are most welcome to book a demo! Our in-house team member can walk you down the steps and save your time. 

Uploading Episodes and Scheduling

If you are a podcaster, you can upload your episode on Tickle.Life with ease in a few simple steps. 

Here, you will have to add details of your episode, including title, subtitle, description, episode thumbnail, and episode media. Along with that, you have the option to add transcriptions as well, which will help increase your content’s reach. Read this guide on podcast SEO before publishing your podcast.

Sometimes, you would have created multiple episodes in one go or prefer to publish your podcast at a specific time. If that is the case, scheduling can be handy. Based on the analytics, as a podcast host, you can choose a time that works best for you and then upload your episode accordingly.

two women creating a podcast

Open for Collaboration 

It’s time to make some new friends and build connections. Through this soon-to-be-available feature, you can open yourself for collaboration and connect with other creators. 

You can enhance your reach to more people with collaborations. 


Maybe it’s time to move to a more sex-positive podcast hosting platform. If so, Tickle.Life can make your life easier. You can move your existing podcast by opting for a 301 redirect from your old RSS feed to Tickle.Life’s RSS feed. 

All your content and subscribers will reach Tickle.Life’s safe hands automatically. You don’t have to worry about any technicalities because our tech team will find a solution for you.

Excellent Customer Support

Tickle.Life will ensure that every customer gets the help they need. Here, you can avail yourself of the benefits of email support. In time, live chat opens will also be enabled.

Mail us at or to seek assistance from our customer support.

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