Top Resources to Use While Teaching About Gender

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Sept. 5, 2022, 5:59 p.m.
Top Resources to Use While Teaching About Gender

Whether you plan on teaching about gender diversity or learning about gender identity, this collection of resources can be the best place for you to start. Here, we bring together some of the best blogs and podcasts we have related to gender, gender identity, gender diversity, and more. 

So, let's not waste too much time and dive right into the details!

Is Gender a Social Construct?

Penned down by Angel Russell, Tickle/Life's COO and a sex educator by profession, this article will delve into the question of gender being a social construct. You can use this resource while teaching about gender diversity and can be helpful while learning about gender identity. 

In this short blog, you can learn more about the difference between sex and gender. From this, you can understand that sex is a biological concept and gender a psychological or social phenomenon. Here, you can find relatable examples that would benefit you, especially while explaining the concept of gender to another person. So, give this blog a read to explore more about gender, its meaning, and how it gets shaped. Most importantly, Angel Russell mentions that the best person to identify our gender is ourselves.

Gender Violence: A Cultural Perspective

From forced marriage to female genital mutilation, there are countless ways through which gender violence gets manifested. So, as part of teaching gender equality, it is integral that you step into the details associated with gender violence to provide a better understanding.

In this article, you can find ample information on the history of gender violence. Here, you can discover how different traditions from the past, including Greek philosophy, Judeo-Christian, and various legal codes, paved the way for gender violence.

Next, the article delves into the current situation of gender-based violence in our society, which is worth discussing while teaching about gender diversity and identity. Here, you can also find the impact that gender violence can have on a person. It can range from physical to economic concerns. Finally, there is ample information on how you can work towards stopping violence against different genders. You can create awareness by being part of programs like Mentors in Violence Prevention and offering support.

Discovering My Sexuality Through Gender Transition

Written by Finlay Games, this blog is a personal account of how Games went through a gender transition. Finlay reveals more about their journey through this narrative, where Games focuses on their different self-discoveries.

Through their journey, they find out how to be more comfortable in their body and how they find men attractive. Finlay Games walks us through the early days of their lives and how they never felt comfortable with their body before their surgery. By going through this account, you can explore the different dimensions associated with gender transition and the surgery from the perspective of someone who went through it. Here, you can get to know the various thoughts and considerations Finlay Games had before and after the surgery. It can be a highly beneficial resource while engaging in sexual and gender teaching.

The Heavy Flow Podcast

The Heavy Flow Podcast delves into different aspects of periods, and in the episode, Ending Gender-Based Violence with Teri Yuan, the host enters into a discussion focusing on gendered violence. 

Teri Yuan, the guest of this podcast episode, is an advocate for survivors of gender-based violence. By listening to this podcast episode, you can dive deeper into the measures you and I can adopt to reduce the chances of gender-based violence. 

So, if you have an hour to spare with you, listen to this podcast episode. You can even bookmark it and tune into it later!

Tweet Chat with Finlay Games - Gender and Sexuality

If you have read the blog Discovering My Sexuality Through Gender Transition, you would know who Finlay Games is. If not, you can find out more about Finlay Games, a transgender gay man, from here. Here, Finlay Games discusses the meaning of sexual orientation and gender identity in detail. 

Next, Finlay Games moves on to provide ample information on the meaning of cisgender and how the concept of gender performative can change the way we look at gender. Finlay Games also discusses why coming out is different for different people. You can also learn more about cross-dressing and transgender from here. So, give this blog, a Tweet chat previously, a quick read. It could be worth your time!

Final Thoughts

Well, these are some resources that can help you while teaching about gender diversity, gender, gender identity, and more. Apart from gender, it is also essential to learn more about sexuality, sexual orientation, and other related topics. So, give these blogs a read and get ready to explore more on other aspects of sexual well-being with Tickle.Life. By the way, if you are a sexual well-being professional who would like to kickstart your journey as a sex educator, you can connect with us, as we are curating a space to help you start your independent venture. So, wait no longer and be a part of our waitlist.