Top Productive Tools

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Oct. 5, 2022, 10:17 a.m.
Top Productive Tools

Do you feel unproductive looking at the long list of tasks and meetings? 

Productiveness comes from within when you finish the task and are motivated enough to take a break. Though most times, we take a break every 10 minutes and end up being unproductive even if finish the task. 

Do you know why that's happening? Because your subconscious mind knows, you are still not done. 

Then how can you manage your task along with managing your time? 

Here are the top methods to be productive in your work that don't make you feel guilty for taking a break.

1. Energy Calendar to Keep You Going!

Drop all your stuffs in the calendar cubicle. Let's make them your energy booster. We all have less time, right? Only 24 Hours! We have to respect our time to enjoy those little things in life. 
Choose three colours to highlight your calendar. 
Green🍀/Blue 💧/Red 🎃
Green boosts your energy to 2X. 
Blue is neutral.
Red that drains you. 
Confused, what color is best for what task? You don't need to do anything. Just follow your instinct to sail on the productive sea.

1. Find Professional E-mail Address

Do you have a great idea or suggestion to share with businesses or leaders you value most but can't find a way to communicate with them? Social media indeed gets you closer to their businesses, but an e-mail connects you directly to them.
How can you find their business e-mail ID? 
You know the internet is just an ocean; all you need is a good fishing rope to catch the coveted fish. 
Hunter.io or Skrapp.io do that work for you? They help you find e-mail addresses in seconds. Just add the first and last name of the person you need to reach out to and the website’s domain. Hunter.io even comes with a chrome extension that can find the e-mail addresses in a single click.

To be continued...

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