How to Create Adult SEO-friendly Content for Your Sex-tech Company?

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Aug. 5, 2022, 8:29 a.m.
How to Create Adult SEO-friendly Content for Your Sex-tech Company?

Creators, sex educators, sexual wellness, and healthcare professionals face many challenges in the form of censorship, shadowbanning, and lack of visibility. 

As you decide to grow your business or increase the reach of the services you offer or products you sell, the search engines have a role to play. 

But, as a sex-tech solopreneur or entrepreneur, you need to have a strong plan, strategy, and understanding of the world wide web before you start. It is when SEO, to be precise- adult SEO comes into action.

Adult SEO isn't much different from the regular SEO you have read and used before. However, you have to pay specific attention to the details to ensure that you don't fall prey to censorship or banning. 

In this article, we will walk you through the different ways by which you can create SEO-friendly content with ease. Before that, we will look into some of the main aspects that can help you with ranking.

How to Rank your Sexual Wellness/ Well-being Page on Google?

Let's get the facts straight!

Ranking on the first page in SERP isn't an easy task. It becomes much more complicated if your focus is on sexual wellness or well-being. 

Since there are several pornographic sites, most often, people end up on these sites while they search for their queries related to sex. 

Thus, how can you beat this competition and find a place for yourself in the search engine to provide accurate information and reliable products/ services?

Well, the simple answer to this question is through CONTENT. 

Yes, after the Panda Algorithm Update(2011), content is considered an essential factor for ranking. It can be in the form of blogs, articles, product descriptions, landing page content, etc., 

Regardless, you have to work on the SEO–– both off-page and on-page SEO —to improve ranking and bring in more engaging traffic. Here, you have to create an adult SEO strategy and planning.

Along with these factors, you can improve your search engine ranking through URL structure, HTML, site structure, backlinking, domain, and page authority. 

Here, our focus will be on creating adult SEO-friendly content to improve your ranking.

Creation of Adult SEO-friendly Strategy

Having a strategy is essential as you begin your journey online. But, here, you have to create one that is adult SEO-friendly. For that, you have to write on topics people are searching for online. Through this, you can gain passive traffic, which would bring consistency. 

For that purpose, you need to perform a competitive analysis and find out what is and is not working for your competitors. It will help you to fill the prevailing content gap, if any, and improve your chances of ranking for a specific keyword. It is applicable for adult SEO as well.

While searching for topics, you have to bring in relevant content ideas, where you have to focus on the content-type too. It means that you should look into the search intent before creating content. 

When you choose a topic and perform a relevant search, you have to consider the content type, format, and angle chosen by your competitors for a similar topic. 

For instance, after performing competitive analysis and finding a content gap, you might have decided to work on a topic like Best Condoms for Oral Sex. Here, you have to look into topic relevance, chances of ranking, possible traffic you can gain from publishing the post, etc. After looking into these aspects, you can start working on the topic strategically.

Making a Strategic Outline 

Regardless of the form of content you create, making a strategic outline is essential. An outline can act as a skeleton or a framework to create your content. With this, you can work on the research of your content efficiently.

While creating an outline for a blog or article, you have to look into other posts similar to what you are planning. Here, you can find headings or subtopics to include in your write-up. 

As mentioned above, while writing a blog on the Best Condoms for Oral Sex, you can find similar blogs on the Internet. It is best to look at the top-ranking ones, which will give you a definite idea of how to create yours and make it much better. 

Finding and Using the Right Keywords

Presently, choosing the right keywords can create all the differences. Since there are numerous porn sites, it can be challenging to find yourself ranking for keywords such as sex, pleasure, intimacy. 

Thus, the best way to enhance your chances of building a presence on the Internet is through creativity and innovation. Here, you have to niche-down and pick long-tail keywords. 

For instance, sex is a short-tail keyword. Instead, if you select the best sex positions for couples, it is a long-tail keyword. Here, the chances of ranking and improving the conversion rates are high. It is because you are beings specific and can reach out to your target audience.

Other than these factors, you have to look into the search demand, search volume, traffic per month, ranking difficulty, etc. 

As you step into keyword research and creating content, it is best to opt for keywords with low competition. Through this, you can increase the chances of ranking on a search engine.

Optimizing the Titles and Meta Description

Titles and meta descriptions of content can be beneficial in reaching out to the right audience and improving your ranking. 

Wondering how? 

Well, these factors would help the search engine understand the relevance of your content. Other than that, it is also helpful for readers to navigate through your article or blog. 

Optimization of the Content and Infographics

After creating an outline and performing the required research, it is time for you to write. 

While writing, you have to ensure that you make the content SEO-friendly. For that purpose, it is essential to include necessary keywords in your content, titles, alt text of images to optimize the content and the infographics used. 

However, you have to ensure that you are not overusing the selected keywords. It is always best to use keywords that have a close link to the content you create. Another factor to consider is the readability of the content. You can attain that by using simple words, avoiding passive voice, long sentences, and paragraphs.

These are some ways by which you can increase the scope of your content while running a sex-positive enterprise. Thus, for building your online presence, working on adult SEO is vital.

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