7 Reasons to Submit a Proposal to #SFS20

Author :- Woodhull Freedom Foundation June 10, 2020, 9:54 a.m.
7 Reasons to Submit a Proposal to #SFS20

Proposal submissions for Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s 2020 Sexual Freedom Summit close on Sunday. With just seven days left, we thought we’d compile the top 7 reasons you should submit today!

7. Explore the intersections of sexual freedom and human rights. 

Woodhull Freedom Foundation is unique because we work full-time to affirm sexual freedom and human rights. We work across issues to defend the multifaceted ways sexual freedom shows up in our lives, including reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, sex workers’ rights, and pleasure. This is not a single-issue movement, and we’re not a single-issue organization.

Presenting at Woodhull Freedom Foundation allows you to explore the connections and nuances across issues.

6. Network with other people who care about sexual freedom and human rights. 

We bring together human rights activists, sexuality educators and researchers, professionals from the legal and medical fields, authors, sexual freedom movement leaders, and organizational partners. If you want to meet with some of the most passionate advocates in the country and get feedback on your work, the Sexual Freedom Summit is the place to do it.

5. Exchange skills with some of the leading advocates in the sexual freedom movement today. 

Presenting at the Sexual Freedom Summit is an opportunity to share your tools and resources with other leaders. Sessions build off of each other, to make sure that advocates of different backgrounds and levels can learn something from each other.

4. Build the movement we need to win the war on sex in 2020 and beyond. 

There’s a lot at stake this year. There is a war on sex and sexual freedom is under attack. And no matter what happens in November, we have to be prepared to win in our communities, in the courts, and at the Legislature. We are asking ourselves: What are our priorities for change? What will we do to create that change? How will we take care of ourselves and others? And what are the tools we need to accomplish our goals?

If you want to be a part of the movement we are building, then the Sexual Freedom Summit is the place to be, where together we will answer those questions.

3. Bring what is working in your community so we can build more power. 

We don’t have to start from scratch. We win by building from what is already working in communities across the country. The Sexual Freedom Summit is an opportunity to teach the lessons you have learned and help others bring it to their own communities. We ned to pollinate our movement, and that starts with you.

2. Amplify critical experiences and perspectives. 

Affirming sexual freedom is only effective when it amplifies the voices of the most marginalized among us. That’s why we want to hear your ideas, passions, and talents. Submit a proposal so that the voices of your communities can be amplified, centered, and connected.

1. Share your skills, talents, and passions to others. 

We can’t build this movement with you. Your skills, talents, and passions are critical to our movement for sexual freedom and we need everyone to join. So whether you’ve presented in the past or this would be your first time, submit a proposal today and share your brilliance with us.

Share your own reasons why you’re submitting a proposal by emailing aliya@woodhullfoundation.org or tagging us on social media @WoodhullSFA #SFS20. 

Submit a proposal for this year’s Sexual Freedom Summit. Proposal deadline extended to March 1. Learn more here.