7 Benefits of the Venus Butterfly Technique

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Oct. 4, 2021, 5:03 p.m.
7 Benefits of the Venus Butterfly Technique

Venus butterfly is a sexual technique and philosophy that can enhance your sexual pleasure. It is a method for exploring how, when, and where to provide the highest pleasure to your partner. Here, the focus is on increasing the duration of sexual satisfaction. 

This technique also focuses on having deep penetrations by reaching different vaginal erogenous zones. Besides, it is a simple position you can try with your partner. Here, the vulva-owner has to lie on their back, edging a bed or table. When the partner is inserting the penis, dildo, or strap-on, holding the partner's upper thighs can enhance the pressure while thrusting. 

The vulva-owner can also drape their legs over their partner's shoulder as it increases the pleasure you gain while using this technique. 

From this, it is clear that there are several advantages associated with trying out this method. Now, let's have a closer look at the seven benefits of trying this method.

Attain Extended Pleasure and Multiple Orgasms 

Before we start, remember that achieving orgasm is not the ultimate purpose of getting intimate with your partner. It is more about feeling good and building deep connections. Here, instead of hurrying to attain orgasm, you have to take things slow and focus on deriving pleasure.

For that purpose, ensure that you have set the mood. For instance, scented candles can be an excellent option to try out. Here, you can start by focusing on regions in your or your partner's body that hasn't received attention for a long time. 

You can use massage oil as a way to spice things up. It is always better to work your way down to the genitals or from the feet to the genitals. Ensure you are not rushing your way to the genitals as you have to work your way to reach there. 

Before you head to the genitals, try to enjoy the other pleasurable moments in different parts of the body. You can even adopt slow, medium, or fast paces to see what works best for you or your partner. 

Touching and teasing can also be excellent ways to bring in while you try this tantric sex pose. When you try this out, ensure that you use a lotion or massaging oil to reduce dryness. 

As you move towards the genitals of the vulva-owner, you have to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, and other vaginal spots, such as the A-spot or the cervix together. 

When you do so, it will stimulate the different nerve pathways reaching the brain all at the same time. It will help in the creation of a subjective experience.

Bring in Power Dynamics through Venus Butterfly Technique

If you and your partner like to move beyond vanilla sex and try to spice things up a bit more, the venus butterfly technique can be an excellent choice. You can bring in this position while trying out the dominant/submissive power dynamic. 

By bringing in power-play coupled with the venus butterfly technique, you can enhance your sexual experiences. Here, you have to focus on taking control of your partner's mood, senses, and sexual energy. However, ensure that your partner provides you with consent to bring power dynamics and control into your intimate moments.

You can read more about the Venus Butterfly technique from here.

Excellent Oral Position to Try 

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Since the technique starts by stimulating the clitoris, using the tongue can be an excellent way to spice things up. Here, it can be gentle strokes up and down the clitoris followed by long ones. You can continue this till there is an increase in the intensity of the pleasure gained. 

As the pleasure increases, you can change the pattern and move your tongue in a circular motion. Here, you have to focus on both the vulva and the clitoris. 

After a couple of minutes, you can stimulate the clitoris. Then, you can move forward by inserting your finger inside the vulva-owner. As you proceed, you can now focus on the clitoris and also G-Spot, at the same time.

Bring in a New Level of Intimacy with This Tantric Sex Pose

When you try this technique with your partner, both of you can reach a new level of intimacy. It can be beneficial for both partners. Since you have the opportunity to try diverse and new positions, the venus butterfly technique can enhance your sexual pleasure. 

Besides, you can start this technique even before you and your partner have touched each other physically. Here, you have to pay complete attention from the very beginning. It helps to enhance the intensity, pleasure, and duration of the intimate activity.

Comes in Different Variations

While you try this tantric sex pose, you can try different variations of the same. Here are some ways by which you can stimulate your partner's genitals and enhance pleasure as part of the venus butterfly technique.

  • Honeysuckle- Here, when you provide pleasurable sensations to the vulva owner, you might notice that your fingers are getting sucked into either of the two openings. It is best to wait for this phenomenon to happen and not press the finger inside of the vulva owner. You can even try using latex examination gloves for this purpose.
  • The Two Hand Position- Here, the vulva owner has to raise their hips and keep their legs wide open. You can use your fingers that are wide apart to reach under your partner's buttocks.
  • The Advanced Two-Hand Position- It is similar to the previous one. Your thumb will be on her vagina, but you won't insert it as you have to wait for the honeysuckle to happen. 
  • The Testicle Pull- Most penis owners think that their testicles are highly sensitive and can get hurt easily. But, it is not the case at the time of high arousal. During this time, the testicles will become sensitive to pleasure. Nonetheless, you have to ensure that your partner is comfortable during this activity. 

However, while trying this technique, ensure that you and your partner are both comfortable. You can even use pillows to enhance comfort. 

Great Option for Phone Sex

Many couples find it challenging to navigate through long-distance relationships. Here, a lack of intimacy plays a crucial role. However, with the assistance of technology, you and your partner can build connections even when you are miles apart. 

Here, trying out venus butterfly sex exercises can have a positive effect on your relationship. Yes, you can adopt this sex position while engaging in phone sex through video calls. Using this technique while you masturbate with your partner can be highly beneficial. You can read more on mutual masturbation while having phone sex and otherwise from here

Brings in a Spiritual Experience

First practiced 3000 years ago, the venus butterfly is a sexual position under tantric sex techniques. Tantra is a concept that dates back to around 5000 years and is often considered as the yoga of sex. 

When you practice the venus butterfly technique with your partner or yourself, you can bring in spirituality and sexuality. Here, you can move beyond the pleasure attained by orgasm and look into mindfulness. You can also go deeper into a celebration of your mind and body.

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