6 Sex Mistakes Men Make Which Should Be Avoided

Author :- Lisa Dinh March 8, 2021, 9:33 a.m.
6 Sex Mistakes Men Make Which Should Be Avoided

Following these “pieces of advice” is what makes men make so many mistakes in bed. Thus, this article points out six mistakes men make while having sex and how to avoid them.

1. Thinking orgasms are the ultimate goal

Due to the romanticization of orgasms by social media and pornography, many men think that the ultimate goal is to give their woman an orgasm. Although orgasms are amazing to achieve, it is unwise to put all your energy into obtaining that false goal. It leads to chasing false expectations by using some wrong tips you saw in porn, leading to all severities of performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

Instead,  if you want to give your partner an orgasm, try to relax and communicate with your partner about what they like and what they don't. Every woman is different, so what you see in porn and social media are not generally applicable to all.

Another critical thing to understand is that not every woman can get an orgasm. Hence, the squirting and orgasms you see so much in porn aren’t as common as you may think. Try to enjoy the moment and watch your partner cling to the sheets out of pleasure.

2. Relying on a plan

Generally, plans are a great way to live your life, but it doesn't apply to sex. It would be best if you understood that sex is dynamic. Your sexual partner may like something today and may consider it painful the next time you want to have sex. There are no rules to having sex, nor is there a formula to follow. Thus, you can't plan your way through sex.

Getting great results will involve communicating with your partner every time they want and what they don't. Following this suggestion will make sure your partner feels listened to and loved, leading her to have better sex.

Additionally, getting great sex also involves adequate physical and mental preparation. Going in without having excellent health is going to make you tense and unable to enjoy the moment. A great way to get good physical and mental health is to consume shatter. Such a supplement contains several chemicals that can help relieve stress and pain. They can also be used to maintain a healthy weight, keeping you healthy.

3. Getting right into it

For men, getting turned may be as easy as flicking a switch, but it isn’t nearly as easy for most women. Many women have stated that the events that unravel before sex takes place are equally satisfying. Thus, you should try to initiate a lot of physical intimacy, such as kissing, hugging, and holding hands before sex. 

Performing these acts of physical intimacy will stimulate her body to produce oxytocin, which is an essential hormone. Oxytocin is a love and sex hormone, and its activation will make your partner feel more sexually satisfied and fall even more challenging for you. These actions will certainly make the woman feel safe and secure in the relationship, allowing her to try new things.

4. Skipping foreplay

The way men and women get pleasure during sex is vastly different. Most men get pleasure from penetration and thrusting, making them believe that women get the same amount of satisfaction when they penetrate. However, most women get it from foreplay. Get creative by giving her a massage or taking her on a romantic date while shooting her dirty texts. Who knows? She might even get multiple orgasms from your efforts.

5. Sticking to old methods

Like men, women are equally adventurous, if not more. Despite that fact, many men are afraid of suggesting new things in their sex lives because they think their partners will strongly disapprove. The truth is many women are as eager as you to try new things in the bedroom. Continually sticking to old methods will make her bored in no time.

Therefore, it would greatly help your sex life if you learn to communicate with your partner about new stuff you want to try in the bedroom. You may be shocked to realize that she's been thinking of the same thing. At the same time, try not to introduce new, extreme things without telling your sexual partner.

6. Focusing too much on the clitoris and G-spot

Again, social media and porn have created a misconception on all the activities concerning sex. These misconceptions have led many men to believe that the G-spot and the clitoris are the gateways to having great sex. Although they are equally excellent places to touch a woman, it is best to focus on your woman's whole body during sex.

Additionally, try to understand the clitoris and g-spot before you go around there counting the alphabets with your tongue and fingers. There is no faster way to turn off a woman than doing that.

The bottom line

Admittedly, every woman is different and thus, would get satisfied in different ways. However, the points mentioned above will surely guide you in performing sexual activities better, making you have great sex with your partner.

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