5 Health Benefits Of Cannabis Flowers

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team July 20, 2020, 11:05 a.m.
5 Health Benefits Of Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flowers are often referred to as marijuana. This popular herb is finding more acceptance, both culturally and legally, in recent times. The opinion that the medical and recreational usage of cannabis should be made legal is gaining mainstream acceptance. As a result, many American states have made either or both the usage purposes legal. Before discussing the medical benefits of cannabis flowers and some of its derived forms like Cannabis concentrates, we should understand what cannabis flowers are.

What are cannabis flowers?

The plant Cannabis Sativa has another term denoting it - hemp. The cannabis component THC causes the recreational high associated with the herb. But, remember that not all cannabis components have an associated psychoactive high.

We use the word marijuana to refer to the flowers and buds of the cannabis plant. Marijuana is usually consumed as smoke or used as an edible substance. The herb also can be used to manufacture a type of fabric known as industrial hemp.

Cannabis secretes resins, which too can be used as smoke and as edibles. It is known as hashish in this particular form.

  Health benefits of Cannabis Flowers

  • Can Manage Pain

In the US, the most widespread medical use of cannabis is for alleviating and managing pain. Cannabis flowers can prove to be useful not only for chronic pain but also the pain associated with sex and sexual activities and dysfunctions in human beings concerning the process. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis can be utilized for cure from conditions like Painful intercourse caused by dryness of the vagina or an irritation of the particular sexual organ. There are whole-plant CBD balms from several companies that can address the issue topically. CBD based lubes or lubricants are another good option for couples wanting to get the maximum pleasure out of their sexual activities.

Not only that cannabis flowers are especially useful for managing nerve pain and the pain resulting from multiple sclerosis. Few medicines that do work in cases of these conditions have high sedating effects and hinder the normal activities of the person. Cannabis use in such instances can help patients to carry on with their routine activities.

  • Can Help Relax Muscles

Cannabis is well-reputed for its effects on helping muscles relax. The effects that the substance has on controlling the tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease are considerable. Not only that, but cannabis is also well-reputed for almost any type of common pathway resulting in chronic pain. The list of such conditions includes but are not limited to:

·         Endometriosis

·         Fibromyalgia and

·         Interstitial cystitis

  • Enhancing Amorous Feelings

Besides its use in managing pain including pain caused by sexual dysfunction, Cannabis is also helpful in enhancing amorous desires and its use as an aphrodisiac is also known. It helps to enhance desire and sexual desire especially when used topically. Both the THC as well as the CBD constituents of Cannabis results in the dilation of the blood vessels. The resulting better circulation of oxygenated blood helps to arouse and stimulate sexual desires.

  • Cannabis is hugely helpful in combating PTSD

Cannabis helps people suffering from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in managing the effects of their disease. This disease is quite common in veteran soldiers returning from war zones or combat lines. A vast number of such veterans, severely stressed people, and therapists who are treating them, experience radical improvement from the consumption of cannabis. This finding has attracted significant attention, and several studies are underway to research into the area.

  • Increased sexual drive

It is believed by a section of scientists and researchers that Cannabis flowers may play a role in sexual intercourse and related activities by directly affecting the brain. A study conducted in 2017 forms the basis of this assumption. The results of this study would seem to indicate that cannabis intake effects are prominent in the brain sections responsible for sexual activity. The study eventually concluded that Cannabis can assist people who suffer from a lack of sexual drive.


 Final Thoughts

There are a significant amount of health benefits that people experience after consuming cannabis flowers. Incorporating these into your diet and regular meals can help significantly. But, before you make them a part of your routine, consult a doctor.

Written by Jessica, CBD Specialist and Freelance Content Writer. You may contact them at jessica@thecbdglobal.com

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