5 courses to satisfy your quest for sexual discovery

Author :- Nimisha March 1, 2021, 7:33 p.m.
5 courses to satisfy your quest for sexual discovery

The quest for sexual discovery and exploring sexuality is an uncertain one, and everyone needs guidance and resources at times. Exploring online courses are a quick, efficient and interesting way to do so!

Here are our favorite selections of 5 courses that can help you kick-start the journey!

Tantra for 1 - Self Study, 8-Class Online Course 

For anyone who has always been curious about the world of Tantra, this course is for you!

Designed by Gaia Morrissette, the "Tantra for one" course is for those who have been curious about Tantra but always thought that they needed a partner.

Over the last 20 years, Gaia has been studying, teaching, and practicing solo Tantra, and she wanted to share with you and the world how important your solo Tantric practice is!

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Relationship Deep Dive Self Study Course

Do you wish you had a better relationship with your family, friends and partner?

This course dives deep into exploring all types of relationships in your life. In Relationship Deep Dive Self - Study course , you will be examining and exploring:

What are you relationship mindsets

What is your love language

What is your relationship styles

What is your love paradigm

How to create better and more harmony in your current relationships

How to bring in your A team of epic people to help you co-create ease , joy and happiness in your life

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Path Of Amplified Orgasm (PAO) Course

Michael Charming, Internationally renowned Orgasm and Relationship Coach has designed this online course to take a deeper dive into the concepts developed in his groundbreaking book so that you can begin to develop your skill set in bringing the five keys of higher consciousness (open mind, attention, awareness, presence, and intention) to each and every layer of the embodied experience (emotional, mental, energetic, physical, and spiritual).

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Sexual Skill Building

Let us be honest - all of us are not born with the skills and know-how of mind blowing sex. Which is what this course aims to teach you!

Gaia has created this program to help you learn and discover how to have great sex with yourself and others. Even Gaia gained some new and interesting insights about sex while creating this program for you. I know, crazy right! So if the expert is still learning then she promises that no matter what your sexual experience level is you will learn some very cool and sexy new stuff.

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Amplified Orgasmic Method (AOM) Course

The Amplified Orgasmic Method (AOM) is a wellness practice that combines the power and attention of meditation with the deeply felt human connection and experience of orgasm. 

It is a practice that gives the feeling of yoga, sex, orgasm, and meditation all at the same time. Yes, you heard that right!

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These are few courses that we feel are absolutely awesome to aid your journey of sexual discovery.. But it is definitely not a complete list! If you have come across an epic sexual discovery course, e-mail to us at social@tickle.life, and we will add it here!

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