I ❤ Oral Sex!

Author :- TenWays ToTouch July 19, 2020, 12:33 p.m.
I ❤ Oral Sex!

I love oral sex! Roll your eyes, get it over with. You might say, “Of course you love oral! Who doesn’t?” Hmmm…I’m sure there are some that don’t care for it, but for those of us that do… Have you ever given much thought to exactly what it is that you like so much about it? Do you like giving or receiving more? What is it about oral that really gets you off? Or maybe, it doesn’t really “get you off” as in, orgasm, but you love it anyway??

I fall into that last camp. I love giving and receiving oral. Almost everything about it turns me on, but I’ve never been able to orgasm from it. As a penis owner, this might strike some as odd, but here I am, just the same…

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why it is that I can’t come from a blowjob and I think it comes down to three things:

1) I want to be inside you, feeling you move against me. If I come before we start fucking I won’t get a chance to do that. At least not for a while…

2) I’m not sure whether you like having me come in your mouth, on your face, etc…

That first reason might seem pretty unimaginative. Honestly, why can’t we do oral after we’ve been having sex? Of course, the answer is just, well…boring. I’ve never had a partner that was willing to suck my dick after I’ve been inside her. Frankly, I don’t know what I’d do if you stopped fucking me and went to town down there. I might come instantly, just from the image of you tasting yourself on me.

The second reason is rooted in a strong, instinctual dislike for anything even approaching non-consent. If you want to turn me off; like dick-wilting-unredeemable-loss-of-wood, turn me off, just make it seem like you’re doing something you don’t really enjoy, just for my sake…Ugh. No thanks! Unless we talk it over before hand or you say something like, “Oh yes, give me your cum!” while we’re in the moment I’m going to constantly question whether you really want me to unload there and that’s going to keep my spunk firmly locked inside.

So, what is it that I love about oral? That was, after all, meant to be the subject of this post…On to that!

Let’s start with giving….

One of the things that really, absolutely gets my juices flowing and makes me horny as fuck is your scent. There is no scent I love more than that of your arousal! If I catch even a hint of your wetness wafting through the air I will be instantly hard! Like, flacid to boner faster than you can blink your eyes and smile, kind of fast. There is no better way for me to bathe in your scent than giving you oral. If you’re into it, you will definitely be getting fucked by my nose…

Then there are the more obvious things like your taste and the visual I’ll be getting.

I won’t lie, if you taste overwhelmingly of piss, it will turn me off a little (even so, on the balance, I will still enjoy eating you out), but the taste of your juices and even your sweat are a huge turn on for me. I fucking love your taste.

I often find it mind boggling that some people are self conscious about the way their vaginas look. If I’m lucky enough to get a glimpse I will drink that sight in like a parched desert in the rain. Your pussy is beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Add a little wetness and my cock will positively throb just from the sight of you.

I love the way you feel on my tongue and on my fingers. I crave your slippery wetness and the wetter and messier you are the better. I have always fantasized about getting squirted on. Being saturated with your love juice would feel amazing!

I am always intrigued by all the different textures you hold within your pussy. When you’re aroused and your pussy swells it feels so amazingly soft and puffy. Your hot, tight lips are so fun to play with. I love running my fingers along them, sliding each between my fingers, feeling along their slick, smooth length with my tongue.

Your entrance is amazingly tight and I love, LOVE, the feel of you clenching against my fingers while they’re inside of you. Especially when you’re coming. It is so hot when I can feel you come. Inside you’re hot, slick, and bumpy. It amazes me how you can be so sumptuously soft, yet I can still feel all of your ridges. I love the spongy, bumpy texture of your g-spot and even more, your reaction when I rub against it fast and hard. “That’s right, bite your lip for me..”

Don’t think I forgot about your clit. I’m getting there…Your clit is ever changing. It’s not always easy to find before you’re truly aroused. Ohhh, but after you’re slick and wet, after I’ve teased you for a while, after you’re aching to be touched, it’s usually swollen and hard. “Mmmmm…arch your back while I suck on it…gently…let me lick back and forth across it”.

I love the way your whole body shudders each time I swipe across. After a while you might be getting close. Let me flick my tongue against it… flick…suck…flick, lick, suck…Let me finger fuck you, press hard against your g-spot while I torture your clit. Mmmm…that’s right. Let go. Come for me! Don’t hold anything back. Ohhh God Yes! My cock is throbbing just thinking about it.

Of course, the thing that turns me on the most, just like everything else with sex, is that I get to hold you, share with you, pleasure you. You’re being intimate with me. Showing me parts of yourself that few people get to experience, trusting me to touch you in ways that most people never will.

The first few times it’s about exploring, learning what you like and that’s a lot of fun. Later, sometimes, there is an element of power and control as well. Will I drive you over the edge like a runaway train simply because I can or will I tease and taunt? Should I edge you until you’re begging for release? I like to feel powerful and I love the trust in your submission.


I think one of the things I like best about a good blowjob is the variety of sensations involved. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fuck, but moving in and out of you whether we’re having vaginal or anal sex generally feels the same with each thrust until we change positions. Oral isn’t like that. You can make me feel all kinds of different forms of pleasure in rapid succession. Every lick, every suck, every kiss can feel different.

I love it when you start slow. Tease and kiss me through my boxers. Suck me through them. Take my head in your mouth while I’m still clothed. I like the feeling I get when you finally pull them off, the way my cock springs out and the cool air blows against it.

I like it when you start with kisses. Press your lips firmly against my cock. Kiss me all the way down my length and then kiss my balls. Give me a little massage with your hands while you look up at me. Rub me all over. Then, go back to my balls and lick them, all over. Give each a very gentle suck.

This seems to get my juices flowing really well. You’ll see them dripping steadily from my tip at this point. Your tongue feels tingly and hot and helps build tension and that gentle suck lets me know I’m in good hands.

Next, lick me all the way from between my balls to the head of my cock. This feels a lot like it sounds when you run your fingers across a piano keyboard. At the base of my dick your tongue makes me feel heavy, hot, turgid, and thick. Licks at my base feel rumbly and deep.

As your tongue moves higher the sensations change to sharper, electric, jumpy feelings that have me arching my back and curling my toes. When you get to the top, swirl your tongue around my head quickly. I will arch my back more as the crackling hot sensations roll through me.

Don’t relent. Clamp your lips over my head and give me a good firm suck. My head will swell and become even more sensitive. Swirl your tongue around again while I’m in your mouth. This won’t be quite as intense as last time but it will feel hotter and the feelings will come from deeper in my groin.

Now, take as much of me as you can into your mouth. It feels amazing to be inside your slippery, hot, wet, mouth. My cock will throb and I won’t be able to resist thrusting to feel more. If you’re able, deep throat me, and if you’re into it (and I know it), gag on my cock. When your throat muscles push against my head I’m going to try to levitate. I’ll arch my back, curl my toes, and probably make some really weird noises. If you’re able to hold me there, lick my balls while you gag. I’ve never had anyone do this but it looks like it would feel positively amazing.

Now pull out and catch your breath. Caress me while you steady yourself. Give me a few hard jerks with your hands and then start licking my shaft. Stay away from the head for a little while. You’re building tension. It feels amazingly rumbly and acid hot, like the sensations stay imprinted long after your tongue has moved on. My head is swelling and my cock is bucking against your mouth. I will grab whatever my hands are able to and hold on tight.

Now, flick your tongue against my head from all different directions, focusing more and more on the spot right below my slit. This is going to feel sharply and intensely pleasurable and if you do it just right it will look like I’m having a seizure. Stop, and lick the precum from the tip of my dick. Look me in the eyes while you do it. Smile, and make a show of how much you enjoy my taste.

Then, bring me down a little and give me some more of those long licks from my base to my head…

So many sensations and they’re all so amazing. I love the variety and intensity of it all. Two things can make it especially hot.

1) Eye contact. Watch my reactions, smile, play the perfect slut. I want to know that there is nothing you would rather do than give me head. This part of it can be so hot that having the worst technique in the world won’t matter at all. I will just get so caught up in watching you that I won’t even notice.

2) Vary what you are doing. Lick me, kiss me, suck me, stroke me but never in the same order. This keeps each sensation fresh and unfamiliar and I will have no time to get used to it.

There are other things that I like too of course. A finger in the ass can be nice. Ice play is fun to incorporate. Blindfold me. This will add to the anticipation. Use some whipped cream on my cock. The sight of white cream on your lips will remind me of something else…Afterwards, kiss me hard and deep. Your mouth feels extra hot and I love tasting myself on your lips. There are so many things to love about oral!!!

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