10 Famous Bisexual and Pansexual Anime Characters

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Jan. 25, 2022, 10:03 a.m.
10 Famous Bisexual and Pansexual Anime Characters

LGBTQ+ representation in the media is becoming more frequent, and anime is no exception! As our knowledge grows, representation is becoming increasingly important around the world. So, to highlight the expanding awareness, this list will count the top ten bisexual and pansexual characters in anime (in no particular order). You might just see one of your favorites showcased here!

1.  Miku Izayoi – Date a Live (Bisexual)

  To kick this list off, Miku Izayoi is an idol and the sixth Spirit to appear in the Date a Live franchise. Before she became a Spirit, she was an ordinary human who wasn’t good at studying or sports. But, she has always been an extremely talented singer. She expresses a strong hatred towards men, which caused her to transfer to Rindouji all-girls private academy. But, she is very flirty and doesn’t hesitate to associate with women who fit her type. She is also amorous towards Shido Itsuka (a male human/spirit hybrid) and other Spirits.

2.  Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura (Pansexual)

Secondly, Sakura Kinomoto is the main protagonist of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime and is an excellent representative of a pansexual character. She is a very energetic and athletic character, and she’s also a bit tomboyish. Her “invincible spell” is “everything will surely be alright”, which has gotten her through many obstacles that she runs into as she learns more about her magical ability. The second half of the series highlights the development of her main relationship with Syaoran Li (a cisgender man), but she has had a few other relationships as well.

3.  Ash Lynx – Banana Fish (Bisexual)

Ash Lynx, or Asland Jade Callenreese, is the main protagonist of the Banana fish anime that takes place in New York City. He is known for being charismatic yet sincere. His high body count and the strong gang that he runs paints a villainous reputation onto him. The man responsible for Ash being in the gang is named Dino Golzine. Dino wants a highly valuable drug named “Banana Fish” that Ash possesses. Also, along with his already chaotic life, Ash has slept with men and women, making him canonically bisexual.

4.  Yukari Sendo – Rosario + Vampire (Bisexual)

As a witch and third-year student at Yōkai Academy, Yukari Sendo is a young and lively character in the Rosario + Vampire anime. She has actually had a sad backstory, filled with monsters showing hatred towards her. They only did this because she’s a witch. Despite this, she’s pulled her share of pranks. She falls in love with Moka Akashiya (a female vampire) and Tsukune Aono (a teenage male human), who save her from some lizardmen who were picking on her. She even dreams of having a threesome with them in season two of the show.

5.  Ryouji Fujioka – Ouran High School Host Club (Bisexual)

  Ryouji “Ranka” Fujioka is another great example of a bisexual anime character. He is seen as loving and friendly towards the people around him. Ryouji was once husband to Kotoko Fujioka and they raised a child named Haruhi Fujioka. But, after Kotoko died, he proclaimed that he would never love a woman again and only wanted relationships with other men. Since then, he cross-dresses and works at a gay bar, entertaining guests.

6.  Utena Tenjou – Revolutionary Girl Utena (Bisexual)

Utena Tenjou is the main protagonist in every version of the Revolutionary Girl Utena franchise, but many fans do not understand she is canonically bisexual. When she was the age of 6-8, her parents died in an unexplained casualty. After this, she accidentally becomes a Duelist and meets a mysterious girl named Anthy Himemiya. Utena shows both romantic and sexual attraction to Anthy, who is also bisexual.

7.  Teruteru Hanamura – Danganronpa (Pansexual, probably)

  Teruteru Hanamura of the Danganronpa franchise goes to a school named Hope’s Peak Academy, which is a high school designed for students of the best of their ability. He is labeled the “Ultimate Chef”. He is very charismatic and isn’t afraid to act flirtatious towards anyone he finds attractive. At the beginning of the anime, he only seems interested in girls. But he does state that his tastes are “open”, and he doesn’t mind who he has a relationship with. Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean he is canonically pansexual.

8.  Kanzaki Elsa – Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Bisexual)

From the spin-off series of Sword Art Online Alternative, Kanzaki Elsa, also known as Pitohui, is one of the main characters of Gun Gale Online. She is quite cheerful but in-game she is a gun maniac. She is also a singer and songwriter flourishing in popularity. Pitohui meets Karen Kohiruimaki (a female college student), also known as LLENN, while LLENN is escaping enemies. They build a strong relationship that lasts until the end of the series. The two encounter each other in real life and Kanzaki shares a kiss with Karen.

9.  Dio Brando – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (Bisexual)

Dio Brando is one of the villains of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. With a mysterious stone mask, he was transformed into a malicious vampire. Because he grew up in an unhealthy household, he enjoys places of dominance and power. While he is another character that is often interpreted as straight, and the anime never explicitly states his sexuality, the story’s creator has confirmed he is canonically bisexual in both the anime and the manga.

10. Honoka Maki – Kiznaiver (Bisexual)

Last but not least is Honoka Maki of the Kiznaiver anime, whose sin is declared to be “pride”. She shows feelings for a girl named Ruru, with who she writes a manga about a schoolgirl falling in love with her teacher. After Ruru’s unexpected death, Honoka blames it on herself believing that she had overworked her. She even reveals to Katsuhira Agata and Chidori Takashiro that she “killed” someone after they revealed things about themselves.


        Anime is one of the most relevant things in society universally, and, amazingly, so many shows are representing the LGBTQ+. Of course, LGBTQ+ characters in anime aren’t limited to the ones shown, so feel free to research more examples if you are interested. I hope you learned something from this article!

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