10 Resources to Learn about Oral Sex

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team June 14, 2022, 8:29 a.m.
10 Resources to Learn about Oral Sex

There is more to sex than achieving orgasm. It is also about finding what your partner desires in bed. One such thing can be oral sex. Oral sex is popular among couples of all ages.  

Oral stimulations can help you and your partner get in the mood for some fun time. By the way, it can be intense enough for you to climax too. Even though oral sex is a common practice, many people fear engaging in it because of several misconceptions. A few of them are: 

  • Oral sex is unsafe.

  • Oral sex causes infections.

  • Oral sex is unsafe during pregnancy.

However, most of them are incorrect. In this article, you can learn about oral sex and how to try it safely. Here, Tickle.Life has compiled the top 10 resources to learn about oral sex. 

Oral Sex as a Stress Reliever 

In today's world, stress is something that affects most people. However, there are different ways to calm yourself, ranging from reading your favorite book to going on a peaceful walk in the evening. 

But what about sex? 

Or let's be more specific, what about something like oral sex?

For some of you, sex can be a magic potion. But remember it isn't always about achieving orgasm, and the same goes for oral sex. Learn about oral sex to bring more fun to your sex life and why not try with your partner next time to overcome stress and boost your mood? Read more!

Oral Sex and Kamasutra: 8 Steps to Do It

Kamasutra delves deeper into erotic science and lays down the foundation of how one should live their life appropriately. Even though many consider it a manifesto containing information on sex, it goes beyond that and focuses on sensuality. 

Here, we will consider eight ways to engage in oral sex, as per the Kamasutra. These steps are based purely on the descriptions in the Kamasutra. 

Try out these eight ways while having oral sex or congress with your partner to live the new experience. Find out more from here!

Oral Sex and Herpes

When we talk about safe sex, most of us forget about oral sex. Regardless, we need to talk about oral sex and its relationship with conditions like herpes. In a nutshell, herpes caused by oral sex is as contagious as it is by regular vaginal sex. 

The first thing you need to understand, even if you have the herpes virus in your body is that it doesn’t mean that your entire body is infected.

It’s just the area where you get outbreaks that has the infection. 

And before you get it all worked out, we will shift to the most crucial point and say that yes, you can still give and receive oral sex after being diagnosed with herpes. Learn about oral sex and how you can save your partner from having herpes through this article. Click here to read more!

Dr. Ava’s Guide to Hot Oral Sex for Couples

Most couples have sex, and many swap oral sex together during their sexy time between the sheets. Still, many people sadly miss out on this delicious treat because their partner isn’t aware of it! 

And others think oral sex is unsafe or not sex at all because there is no penetration. 

Dr. Ava’s guide to oral sex can improve intimacy among couples, enhance their overall relationship, and spice up your love life too! Find out more from here!

What is Cunnilingus?

Mindful Sex Ed: Back to Basics is a podcast powered by Tickle.Life, where our hosts Laura and Lulu break down the myths around sex. One such myth is that oral sex is unsafe.

Here, the hosts delve into cunnilingus, which is the stimulation of the vulva owner’s genitals using the tongue or lips.

In this podcast, learn about oral sex and preventive measures to save yourself and your partner from getting infected with contagious viruses. 

Listen to our detailed episode on cunnilingus from here to understand more about oral sex and its safety. In addition, discover the different oral sex positions you can try to make your sex life pleasurable.

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Lip Service Cunnilingus for the Clueless

Sex is like creating beautiful music with emotions, stimulations, and libido in rhythmic harmony.

Cunnilingus is the core of that harmony for some of us. Some of us might be staying away from oral sex by focusing only on the disadvantages it might have.

Luckily, there are preventive measures as it is all about being safe. One of the best ways to enhance protection is the barrier method, which includes placing a plastic wrap between the mouth and the vagina. 

So, don’t waste time, and why not start learning about oral sex?

Indeed, it is a pleasant treat. Click here to read more!

Are Flavored Condoms Only for Oral Sex?

The debate regarding flavored condoms has been happening for quite some time. There are many assumptions and myths associated with the usage of flavored condoms. 

Essentially, flavored condoms are another way to encourage the usage of condoms. They can make using condoms more fun. However, some flavored condoms are only suitable for oral sex. But some brands are creating flavored condoms for oral and penetrative sex. If it is for cunnilingus, you can try using dental dams. By the way, you can do a bit of DIY and make your dental dams too!

In simple terms, condoms can offer protection against STIs and unintended pregnancies. Hence, with a pinch of flavor, you can make oral sex safe with flavored condoms. Read more from here!

Lulu Batista: Her First Time Receiving Oral Sex

In this episode of Tickle.Life's podcast, hosted by Gaia Morrissette, sexpert Lulu Batista, talks about her first experience receiving oral sex. Lulu is a certified sexpert who helps people get back into foreplay.

Here, Lulu has shared her experience to assist us to improve our sexual life by introducing oral sex.

Listen to her experience at Tickle.Life podcast and learn about oral sex from here

An image showing a woman licking penis to help learn about different positions of oral sex

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Licky Licky Like a Rockstar- 5 Oral Sex Tips

Gaia Morrissette, Tickle.Life podcast host, invites you to discover and develop some magical oral sex skills that will excite and stimulate the vulva-owners. 

Oral sex is indeed an orgasmic feeling, and to help you out, Gaia has filtered out five oral sex tips from her learning so far. Come join her to learn about oral sex and oral sex positions. Click here to listen!

How to Have Safe Sex?

Ensuring safety while having sex is necessary. Practicing safe sex is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and STIs.

Most people don’t explore different sex positions or activities like cunnilingus or oral sex positions because of their fear. But it is their misconception that is leading to it. 

Many people reach out to us with common questions like:

  1. Is oral sex safe during pregnancy? 

  2. Is oral sex safe without protection? 

  3. What are the disadvantages of oral sex? 

Having safe sex is essential not just to prevent infections, diseases, and unwanted pregnancies. They can give us peace of mind and reduce stress after sexual intercourse. So read this article to learn how to have safe sex and understand more about oral sex from here.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, oral sex is safe, but without safety measures, it might be problematic. Here, Tickle.Life has compiled the ten best articles to help you learn about oral sex and oral sex positions so that you and your partner can have a safe and pleasurable oral sex journey. 

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