Frequently Asked Questions

Tickle.Life, Inc (Tickle-dot-life) is your space to discover sexual wellbeing and sexuality. It is World’s First Discovery platform which allows sex positive people to explore resources related to Sex and Sexuality.

Primary objective behind Tickle.Life was to bring the discussion related to sexuality in the mainstream to break the taboo. Often, we have doubts and sometimes specific questions about our intimate lives, about which we are afraid to open up to anyone. Tickle.Life is that space, discreet, safe, non-judgemental and full of resources at one place to find the answers you seek. It was created to bridge the gap between the sexual wellbeing industry and the people.

Tickle.Life is World’s First community based sexual wellbeing and sexuality discovery platform. It is safe, non-judgmental, gender inclusive and uncensored. And most of the resources you see are vetted and are from people known in this industry. It is the epicentre of all the information you may need about your wellbeing.